New iProperty Real Estate Portal – homepage search

iProperty is proud to announce the release of it’s new real estate portal.

Take a look at In the coming weeks we’ll walk you through small sections of the site and introduce some of it’s new features.

We’ll kick it off today with a quick run-through of the homepage search.

Australian real estate portal - properties for sale and rent

First of all, you’ll be hard pressed not noticing the design change! We’ve gone for a vibrant feel while keeping the overall interface simple to work with. We’ve run with Residential, Rural, Commercial, and Development property tabs at the top that are in line with the playful header brand graphic that helps reinforce what the portal’s about.

The searching doesn’t come any simpler. The buttons and fields highlighted in the light colour are all you need to get started – starting with the basic Buy / Rent controls, suburb and price range. From there, you can refine what you’re after with the dark green options box to the right. This is where you can choose what property type to search for (Houses, Apartments etc), and limit the number of Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Car Spaces returned in your search.

Beneath this is our convenient save search feature. After you’ve entered in a standard search you’d like to reuse – simply click this button and give your search a name. Once you’ve done so, you’ll instantly noticed the large “Search” button has been reduced to also accommodate a “Use Saved Search” button. Clicking this brings up a list of all saved searches you’ve stored earlier. Try it out, it’s really easy to use. We’re keen to hear your feedback, feel free to post your comments on it here.

We’ve also got an email alert system in development,  we’ll cover that as soon as it’s released.

For now, we hope you enjoy the new iProperty portal – and stay tuned for a series of posts that covers the rest of the functionality. Coming next, the handy “My Properties” section on the homepage.