New iProperty Real Estate Portal – my properties

Continuing on from our first post announcing the launch of the iProperty Portal and covering the homepage search facility, we’re now going to go through the My Properties section at the bottom of the homepage.

When you first open up iProperty, you’ll see a preview of six Prestige Properties being cycled through an animated view finder. When you click the 3 other tabs to its right, you’ll see a courtesy message notifying you that these areas – Favourite Properties, Comparisons Properties and Inspections – come to life after you’ve interacted with the site a little.

Additionally,  after a little interaction within the site you’ll notice the Prestige Properties tab changes.

As soon as you’ve performed or saved a search, bookmarked a property as  a favourite or selected any properties for comparison (from the Search Results and Property details pages), the Prestige Property tab changes to Property Matches whenever you return to the site. For example, if you’ve been looking for property in Pascoe Vale, Victoria – the Property Matches view shows the latest properties from Pascoe Vale, ordered by relevance if you’ve entered in price range, bedrooms, bathrooms and other attributes.

This means on the homepage, on your return visit you are greeted with  a featured property display with properties that are likely to be relevant to you – rather than some expensive, random properties that simply have lovely photographs!

We wanted to make the homepage as functional as possible for any user’s return visit. The My Properties box is also used as a storage area for properties that have been selected as being of interest by anyone researching their next real estate purchase. It’s quite simple, any property you select as a Comparison Property, Favourite Property or add to your Inspection list appear on the homepage for your review at a later date – using the same tabbed slideshow. Having this toolbox in an easy to use, visual form on the homepage makes property research a breeze.

If a visitor wants to quickly go over the details of a favourite property, or double check the inspection time of a property – all they have to do is select a tab on this useful homepage area. In our next blog post, you’ll see how this functionality is echoed in the search results pages.