New iProperty Real Estate Portal – property details page

The property details pages on our new real estate portal provide a balance between an open, clean look and logically placed tools to assist visitors with their property research.

We placed a focus on the media area, and turned it into a tabbed, multifunction area that may well be most important place to a first time looker – they can quickly assess with a glance at the price, then images, videos and location whether it’s the right property.

Real Estate portal, property search listing details page

The tabs in the media area allow visitors to look at the image gallery slideshow, with built in features accommodating a larger, popup view – as well as videos/vr tours, map, streetview and walkscore. Presenting information in this way does away with small maps, boxes with maps, walkscore and other funky buttons scattered around a long page that requires a lot of scrolling.

Instead, it’s broken down into just a few core areas:

  • Property Tools (favourites / comparisons / calculators / social sharing)
  • Media with images, maps and videos
  • Summary information – price, rooms, key features
  • Long description
  • Agent contact information.

Seeing as iProperty isn’t cluttered with advertising banners in every spare mm of space on the page, it makes for a pleasant browsing experience. We welcome your feedback and thoughts on the new site – fire away, we will be constantly improving this site over time.

There’s some other features on this page that we’ll be covering in some upcoming posts.