New Listing Summary Screen

The team at iProperty has been hard at work to bring you this revamped feature.

The listing summary screen has been overhauled to provide you with more information and easy access to all areas of your property. With over 20 features included and revamped in the new listing summary screen we think that you will all love it. The main features include:

  • Publishing Error Alerts – Property publishing errors are now visible above the tabs inside a property in red, making it far more easier to see the publishing data missed.
  • Better Price Visibility – Listing prices are now split and labeled as Public Price and Search Price.
  • Days On Market – Users can see how long a property has been on the market including the date the property was originally listed.
  • Web Views – Users can now see the the total number of views that a property has had, including the total number for the month, all from the summary screen.
  • Email Views and Campaign Counts – View the total number of email views that a property has had, including the number of campaigns the property has been sent in.
  • Last Updated – Users can now view the date the property was last updated from the summary screen.
  • Tenants – Tenants that are attached to either a sale or rental property can be seen from the summary screen.
  • Access Details – Access details that are attached to a property can be easily seen from the summary screen.