Trending Technology That Changes the Work Progress by Enabling and Disrupting

Image of a business person with different devicesReal estate agents who want to succeed and stay on par with their competitors have no choice but to utilise the internet and technology that is going to give them the edge. It isn’t just a matter of keeping up with the changes in the internet itself, but also means keeping up with what the people use to access the web, and making sure that whatever the agent is offering online is going to be compatible with the trends.

The mobile devices

These are convenient and well used and respected by the massive amount of users that access their web needs through them. They are comprised of the tablets and smartphones and added to this are the apps. There is no wonder that these devices are becoming the way of the future. There is no need for anyone to have to lug around their laptop when these lightweight, compact, easy to use devices will allow them to do almost anything they want in respect to their internet needs.

Multi use devices demanding multi home connections.

While hand held mobile devices are the resource for on the go that doesn’t mean there isn’t a home use for them. Be able to control the electrical devices of the home while away is technology that many people are grasping. Then there are the new trending devices like Apple TV. There is little doubt what will be coming in the future will only surpass what is here and available now.

No more desktops

Could it be that the average home will no longer house desktop computers? Has it come down to being able to access the internet or participate in communication from any location in the house rather than being restricted to a computer that is taking up space somewhere? Basically the answer is yes. Companies that track their stats of user devices reaching their website or content has decreased when it comes to desktops. As a real estate agency with a site it is highly advisable to check to see that your web presence is mobile friendly.

The youth is setting the way

It is the younger generation that has set the tone for how time is spent online. Some say they were the leaders in utilising the mobile phone for online banking when on the go. This is the age group of the property buyers of today and they are the ones that the real estate agent has to please. It is time for the realtor to study their future target market which is going to involve knowing the technology that they are relying on for today. It means be prepared to make changes in the future that are compatible with this new market audience.

The best online time

While there is no set time that users are online, trends show that there are peak times. The savvy and tech orientated real estate agent will study his target market to determine what their peak time is. This also can change on an ongoing basis so it is the type of research that needs to be checked on a regular basis, particularly when new technology hits the market that is going to enhance internet use.