How to Choose a Property Photographer Who Attracts Buyers

Image of a photographer taking a photoBuyers often decide which homes they want to view or which open houses they want to attend based on the photographs of a property. In fact, statistics show that 60% of home buyers are more likely to request to view a property they have seen online when the home has been photographed by a professional.

When it comes to marketing your property through the use of photographs, you can either spark buyers’ interest or cause them to pass on by.

We’re an increasingly visual culture, and social media is having an even greater impact on the importance of high quality images—consider Pinterest and Instagram, for example. Photographs are used in brochures, flyers, advertisements, signboards, and online listings. In order to attract the right buyers, it’s critical to hire the right photographer and to be prepared for the photo shoot.

Hiring a photographer is often overwhelming, because there are so many to choose from. We’ve put together a list of tips to help simplify the process, so you can find a qualified photographer who will take stunning pictures of your property.

Dedicate Some Time to Research

You’re busy. Spending time researching photographers isn’t exactly the highlight of your week, but dedicating time now can save you time later on. Once you’ve found the perfect photographer, you can use his/her services going forward.

  • Search online for photographers who specialise in property photography. Check out their reviews and review their portfolios
  • Ask for recommendations. Don’t be afraid to approach the competition for referrals. If there’s an agent who always has remarkable pictures of their properties, reach out to him/her. Often times, another agent is more than willing to share the contact details of a photographer.
  • Consider the photographer’s personality and attitude. The photographer you choose will be working closely with you and may be required to interact with your clients. Make sure he/she is respectful, courteous, and the right fit.

Consider the Type of Photography You Want

Think about the type of property photography that speaks to you, that motivates you to find out more about a property. There are many types of photography, including:

  • Daytime Photography—Do you want your property photographed during daytime hours? Daylight photography suits all properties, but yours might have unique features that are best suited for another style.
  • Dusk Photography—If your property has stunning outdoor lighting or a pool, it might really shine at dusk.
  • Aerial Photography—Aerial photography is not for every home. It is more costly. If you’re selling a luxury home or large property with acreage, this type might better highlight its one-of-a-kind selling points.
  • Elevated Photography—This type of photography is taken from 20 metres away and is ideal for larger homes with beautiful gardens or landscaping.

If you’re not sure which photography is the best, ask your photographer for advice. Before you choose a photographer, it’s a good idea to talk about his/her preferred method and availability to shoot at dusk or to take aerial photographs.

Don’t Make Your Decision Based on Price Alone

Cheaper isn’t always better, especially when it comes to high quality photographs. You want someone who is experienced and well-qualified. Remember, you’re paying for proper photographs, because you want them to successfully attract buyers. Find out what’s included in the package. Some photographers charge a fee for the shoot and a fee for the digital images; some photographer retouch images for free, others charge.

Questions to Ask Your Photographer before Hiring

When you do find a couple of photographers to make contact with, here are some questions to ask:

1. Are you trained? Do you use professional equipment?

A professional photographer will be trained and may even have a degree. He/she will use proper equipment. These days, not all photographers use studio lighting as many prefer the use of natural light, but if studio lights are important to you, make sure you ask about them.

2. Do You Retouch Images?

Find out whether or not your photographer retouches the images, enhancing brightness and colour. Many can improve the colour of pools, the grass, superimpose property boundaries, and even “turn on” lights and fires. If you want these added enhancements, be sure to ask about them.

3. Do You Provide Other Marketing Tools?

Your photographer might be able to put together a virtual tour or superimpose furniture onto an image of a room.

4. What Is Your Turnaround Time?

Find out how quickly your photographer can take photos once notified, and discuss the turnaround time is.

5. How Will the Images Be Delivered?

It’s important to find out how you’ll receive the digital images. Will you get them on a cd? Will you be given access to an online file?


Before the Photo Shoot

Once you’ve hired a photographer, it’s important to prepare for the photo shoot. Talk to your photographer about the day and about your expectations. What attracted you to the property? What are its unique features? Make sure your photographer understands the type of photos you want and what you expect.

Don’t forget to tell your sellers about the shoot, and stress how important it is to have the house in tip-top shape. Remind them that it’s best to declutter and depersonalise the home, so it’s more attractive to buyers.

The right photographer and jaw-dropping pictures of your property can attract home buyers and get your home off of the market. They can also help secure a higher selling price, so consider using a pro and using these tips to pick the perfect pro for you.