7 Important Things Your Business Needs to Know About Content Marketing

Image of content marketing written on a notebookLet’s be honest, every business wants more than just satisfied customers; it wants supporters who rave about the business and are excited about its offerings. Bestselling author and marketing expert Jay Baer discusses seven aspects of content marketing that will do more than generate satisfied customers – it’ll build long-lasting relationships that translate into lifelong customers.

One of the best marketing tools is a solid reputation for excellent customer care and service, however, in these economic times—with cutbacks, high turnover, virtual assistants and part-time staff—it’s challenging to build that rapport. This challenge creates opportunity for continued rapport building through content marketing.

Content marketing, according to Baer, is when you create resources or information and give it away to your customers or potential customers in order to educate, entertain, and attract them.

Here are 7 important things to consider when it comes to your business and content marketing

1. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes perseverance.

Content marketing is marketing, but it is a deviation from traditional methods. It’s not about making a quick sale, but about developing a relationship that will result in a sale over time.

2. Quality content will help distinguish your agency.

By providing quality content that is informative and educational, you can become a “go to” agency in the market. You’ll stand out and differentiate yourself.

3. Try to be the most useful agency as opposed to the best agency.

The message surrounding content marketing is that you’re helping someone. Baer suggests that if you sell something, you create a once off customer, but if you help someone, you create a lifelong customer. He calls this ‘youtility’, which means your content is so useful that people will pay for it if you ask them to.

4. Begin by taking small steps—one at a time.

The first, most useful content your agency can create is answers to your most frequently asked questions. These are all the questions you’re currently answering in person, via email, or over the phone. Take that information and build a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page on your website, using a combination of text, videos, or podcasts to convey your answers.

5. Content marketing does cost.

Content marketing will cost you some money. It’s advertising, but a different form of advertising. You’re spending money on time—the time it takes to create quality content.

6. Consider how content marketing influences your own purchases.

If you take a look at how content marketing impacts your decisions, you’ll find that it’s already working on you. If it works on you, it’ll work on your customers, too.

7. Keep content short and frequent.

The future of content marketing is smaller pieces that can be consumed via mobile or on the go. Create useful micro-content. Baer suggests that this will not only endear customers to your agency, but it will increase your site rankings.