Google adds another nail to the Flash coffin

Vector image of HTML5 on an orange cubeChrome, the browser used by over 50% of the Internet, is officially preferring HTML5 ads over Flash content.

“In June, we announced that Chrome will begin pausing many Flash ads by default to improve performance for users. This change is scheduled to start rolling out on September 1, 2015.”

The switch will essentially pause Flash content on most webpages, this also means most Flash content won’t be served to Chrome users.

If you have banner adverts on your website or other websites advertising your business, make sure these are now either .gifs or HTML5.

If you are using Googles AdWords, most Flash ads uploaded to AdWords are automatically converted to HTML5. To ensure your ads continue to show on the Google Display Network, please follow these steps before September 1:

1) Identify any Flash ads in your account that aren’t eligible for automatic conversion:
2) Convert these ads to HTML5:

This is another step down the long path that is the death of Flash altogether.