6 Quick Lessons to Help You Find Your Brand Voice

find your voiceIf you don’t know what your brand voice is, here are six quick lessons to help you discover it:

    1. Make a list of adjectives you want people to use to describe you.

      Do you want them to say you are: knowledgeable, determined, honest, ethical, relentless, creative, helpful, visionary? After you’ve made a list, narrow it down to three adjectives.

    2. Ask other people what they think is special about you? 

      Ask them what your “secret sauce” is. Make note of what they say.

    3. Make a list of five successful people or professionals that you either know, follow, or respect.

      Examine each person. How are they similar or dissimilar? What about each person do you admire? Many times what we admire about a person is what we hope to one day be.

    4. Ask yourself the question, “What makes me different?”

      What sets you apart? What do you do or what will you do that makes you different? Hone in on what your strengths are and what makes you unique. The whole point of being different is that you are different, so don’t be afraid to stand out.

    5. Answer this question: “Who is the most important audience that I need to speak to?”

      Everything you say online and all of the content you create will be discoverable on the Internet. When you identify and communicate with your most important audience, you make sure your personal brand represents what you value and what they value.

    6. After you write something or after you’ve communicated something, ask yourself: “How does this make me feel?”

      As you work to find your authentic voice, check in with yourself. Does what you’re saying sound like you? How does it make you feel? Is it the same way you want your audience to feel? It’s easier to communicate consistently, and to stay motivated to communicate, when you’re your true self. Don’t fake your voice or try to make it sound like someone else.

Now that you’ve discovered your brand voice, dig into our post An A to Z Guide to Personal Branding. It’ll help you continue to develop your personal brand.