How to Provide Value On Your Real Estate Blog

BloggingContent marketing is changing the way we market. It’s revolutionising the way real estate agents connect with clients, generate leads, and drive traffic to their websites.

Content marketing and blogging may seem like a simple formula:

Making content + Getting people to click on content = You get clients

BUT, it’s not that simple.

Readers must go through a process, and you have to take them through that process. They first:

Discover, and then begin to trust you, and then reach out to you.

Content marketing is more of a journey of helping the reader discover than it is a magic formula.

You need to provide value and help readers trust you. Making GOOD content is one way that you do that. So, how do you provide value on your real estate blog and produce good content?  Here are some key points to consider.

Your Reader Has Problem

You need to know who your ideal customer is and what problem or problems they face. Are they struggling to obtain a home loan? Are they having trouble finding something to do on the weekends? Do they understand what to look for when buying a home? Do they know what to do when selling a home? Your customers seek answers to questions and they’re looking for a solution. You can position yourself to be that solution.

Use Your Content to Solve the Problem

Your potential clients are online, searching for answers. You want them to find your content. You want to help them solve their problem, so you can position yourself as valuable and trustworthy. Once you’ve answered their question, they make a mental note of your site as a helpful resource. They’ll likely make their way back to you when they have more questions.

Every Interaction Builds Trust and Perceived Value

Every positive interaction your reader has with your content builds trust. It also increases your perceived value. Any time your reader – who is now a fan – has a problem in your particular area of expertise, he or she will come to you.

Consistent Delivery

It takes time to build trust and authority. You have to consistently deliver valuable content to your readers. When readers can count on you, they become fans and recommend you to others. You’re now building a reputation.


This process of valuable and strategic content creation will help you obtain ranking in Google search: the world’s number one search engine. This is one of the key ways your potential clients discover your content, thus discovering you.

When your reader, who is now your fan, is ready to buy or sell a home, they’re going to turn to you. They’ve become your dream client—they’ve consumed your tips and advice, they’re prepared, and they already know they want to use you. By consistently providing valuable content, you’ve positioned yourself as a trustworthy expert. Your content is more trustworthy than any billboard or branded advertisement.