New Reports, Contact Details & Functionality

New Update Sticker for iDashboard ProductsThe team at iProperty are proud to announce a New Update to iDashboard, below is a summary of the main items that have been updated.

Activity Stream

The Activity tab on a contact is now known as Activity Stream. This newly titled Activity Stream provides iDashboard users with more details than ever before. Giving users at one click an overview of all Comments from Inspections, Opinions on Properties & Offers Made by the contact you are viewing. No longer will you have to go through each property to find the feedback on that property by a particular client, simply pull up the Contact in iDashboard and have all this information right in front of you.

Send Emails from Workspace

iProperty has made emailing your contacts even easier. Workspace has always been a great place to SMS and Mail Merge a selected group of clients from in iDashboard. We have now made Workspace even more powerful by adding in the functionality to send emails to these clients. Simply add your clients to Workspace and from there you can easily click ‘Send Email’, select your Email email design and fill out the contents you want to send. Its as easy as that!

Automatically Subscribe Contacts based on Category

Subscriptions can now have ‘automatically subscribe these contact categories’ set on them; when contacts are created in these categories they will automatically get subscribed to that email, this applies to ANY method on creating a contact, including when using our mobile apps iDashContacts & TREA.

New Report – Contacts with no subscriptions

This report shows you contacts that have no email subscriptions. Please be aware that while contacts in this report currently have no subscriptions, they may have had subscriptions at some point and they have since unsubscribed – if you want to know more about these contacts you should use the Contacts Subscriptions report instead.

New Report – Contacts with subscriptions

This report shows you contacts and their email subscription status. If a contact has ‘None’ in the Campaign(s) column and nothing in the Unsubscribe(s) column, this means they have never had an email subscription.