New Custom Contact Fields, Menu Options & Reports

New Update Sticker for iDashboard ProductsThe team at iProperty are proud to announce a New Update to iDashboard, below is a summary of the main items that have been updated.

Custom Contact Fields

Offices sometimes require details from customers that are unique to that customer, or your office may require particular details to be collected that are unique to your business. iDashboard now has the ability to create your own custom fields for contacts. When you create these fields you are also provided a merge field so that this new data can be utilised in merged documents and email compositions. Administrators and Principals can easily setup these new Custom Contact Fields by heading to ‘Admin & Account Settings’ then click on the ‘Edit’ tab under your Company Details screen, there you will find a ‘Custom Contacts Fields’ tab. Simply enter in your required custom fields and click ‘Update Agency’. You will now find these new custom fields under the ‘Other’ tab when editing a contact, along with the merge field that applies to that Custom Contact Field.

‘My Office’ Menu Options

Accessing your offices listings as a Principal and Administration user is now even easier. Under the ‘Real Estate’ tab in iDashboard there is now a new menu option called ‘My Office’. From this ‘My Office’ menu, users can now easily access the following without having to preform a search:

  • Active Listings
    • Appraisals
    • Listings
    • Contracts
  • Closed Listings
    • Solds
    • Settlements
    • Historical Settlements
    • Leased
  • Lost Listings
    • Withdrawns
    • Lost to Competitors
    • Rejected
SMS Mobile Number

Sending SMS’s from iDashboard is easy and convenient, but sometimes users need to send SMS’s on someone else’s behalf, or maybe you don’t want to advertise your mobile number, but need to send SMS’s from iDashboard. We now have a new user details field called ‘SMS Number’, here you can enter the mobile number you want the SMS’s you send from iDashboard to come from. If no number is entered here, the system will simply utilise your Mobile number. If a user doesn’t want to advertise their mobile number, simple enter a SMS Number and leave the Mobile Number blank. To edit or add in a SMS Number, simply head to ‘Admin & Account Settings’, then ‘Employees’, click on the employee we wish to add a SMS number for, then click on the ‘Edit’ tab, lastly click on the ‘Contact’ sub tab and add in the SMS Number and hit ‘Update Employee’.

New Report – Monthly Anniversaries

This report shows you Vendor or Buyer anniversaries for a particular month. Anniversaries are collected by month since you started using iDashboard.

New Report – Selling Fee Variances

This report compares your Base Commission to the Actual Commission you earn on each settlement. This report can be a good indicator to see if your agency is discounting commission or reaching goals.