Content Ideas for Your Real Estate Marketing Newsletter

NewslettersSending email marketing newsletters helps real estate agents stay connected with potential buyers and sellers. Many real estate agents, however, are not aware of some of the basic tracking and measurement tools that help monitor the success of a newsletter. By understanding the response you receive from each newsletter, you’ll uncover what works best and be able to tweak it for greater success.

Often times, tweaking your email newsletter may simply mean sending your readers more valuable content. We’ve also included some newsletter content ideas below.

The Basics of Real Estate Marketing Newsletters

Let’s cover some basic terminology and measurement tools, and then we’ll discuss some ideas for relevant content that will help your clients see the value in your newsletter.

Open Rates

An open rate indicates how many people open up the email that you send. At August 2015, the average open rate for real estate was approximately 22.03%, according to a MailChimp Email Survey. This rate will give you a benchmark to go off of, so you can identify if your open rate is above or below average. If you use email marketing software, you should be able to find your open rate per newsletter by looking for your analytics.

Factors that affect your open rate include: your subject line, the familiarity of your name, the time of day you send, and whether your recipients are actually interested in buying or selling, to name a few.

Newsletter Subject Lines for Real Estate Newsletters

Likely, your subject line is going to be a key factor that determines whether a recipient will open your email. Try to think of a unique call to action that solicits curiosity. Compel your recipients to open your email.

Imagine for a second that you are sitting at your computer. You have a long to-do list, tons of things on your mind, and a phone that keeps pinging when an email from your family doctor pops up. The subject line reads “Dr. Hank’s October Newsletter.” While you love your doctor and you intend to read the email at a later time, you’ll likely get busy and forget about it because you weren’t compelled to open it right away.

Now imagine you receive a newsletter from your family doctor with a subject line that reads, “We’ve helped TEN people beat the flu this season and want to tell you how to help prevent it!” Do you feel like you’re more inclined to open this newsletter?

Get creative and make the subject line about your recipients so they’re more likely to open it and read it.

Content: What Should You Write About?

Here are some great content ideas for your real estate marketing newsletters. These topics will help you keep your content fresh and valuable for your potential buyers and sellers.

Market Trends
  • The number of homes listed in your area or city
  • The number of homes sold in your area or city
  • Average price of homes sold in your area
  • Most expensive homes sold in your area or city with pictures
  • Least expensive homes sold in your area or city with pictures
  • Strangest or most unique homes sold in your area or city
  • Average number of beds and baths sold in your area or city
Local and National Real Estate News and Events
  • Celebrity homes for sale
  • Celebrity real estate agent videos
  • Beautiful homes from around the country
  • Anything mentioned in the media about real estate or real estate investment
  • Local events, concerts, or neighbourhood markets
Design, Décor, or Home Renovations
  • Trendy paint colours and décor
  • Traditional and modern design styles
  • Before and after photos of home renovations
  • The impact laminate floors may or may not have on home value
  • The impact of solar panels on a home’s value
  • Lighting tips and options
How to Articles
  • How to buy a home (for first-time home buyers)
  • How to proceed when your offer is rejected
  • How to negotiate an offer to purchase
  • How to stage your home to sell at the top price range
  • How to remodel your home for the best returns
Landscaping and Yard Tips
  • Interview a premier landscaping company (tips for a beautiful landscape)
  • What do buyers look for in a yard
  • What is edible landscaping and do buyers appreciate it
  • What are the best plants and hardiest trees for your climate
  • Yard checklist for your open house
  • How to properly mow a lawn

These are just a few content ideas for your real estate marketing email newsletter. We hope you have some new insights and ideas for how you can provide valuable content to your subscribers.