High Resolution Images

iDashboardNewUpdate-01At iDashboard we understand how important high quality images are to the success of a sale or lease, so we are proud to announce iDashboard now supports Higher Resolution Images for

Recently made changes to their system to support high resolution images on property listings, we have now released an update in iDashboard that will now provide these high resolution images to to be displayed on listings on their site.

To make the most of this new feature, ask your photographer to provide you with images up to 5mb each.

With the addition of support for Higher Resolution Images, if you don’t currently use a professional photographer for your property images, now is a perfect time to start.

To send through these new high resolution images to, simply update the property in iDashboard or contact our friendly support team who can preform a bulk update of all active listings to

Statistics show that 60% of home buyers are more likely to request to view a property they have seen online when the home has been photographed by a professional.

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