Steps to Success with Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email StrategyAs a successful real estate agent, lead generation is key to the success of your business, and having an effective email marketing strategy is a crucial piece of your overall marketing pie. Yet simply sending out an email periodically to your customer list isn’t enough; you need to ensure that your regular email newsletter is captivating enough to not only make it through the reams of emails consumers receive every day, but to also be opened, read, and for subscription to it to continue.

Here are some important considerations for creating an email newsletter that will engage your client database and encourage interaction:

Who is Your Audience?

Every marketing strategy must first and foremost identify who its target audience is. This will include both your core audience as well as secondary audiences. These are based on demographics and will most likely represent property sellers primarily, and property buyers as a secondary target market. Identify their behaviours, interests, and motivations, and create your content accordingly. 

Create Captivating Content with Value

You need to deliver content that offers value to your email client database. The effort of opening and reading your emails needs to be rewarded in what you offer. Your content must be informative, interesting, innovative, and reading it must offer some reward – be that tangible or intangible. Your content must at all times reflect your brand identity and company mission. Capture your audience in the subject line and make them want to read more – and remember to set the tone that it’s all about the reader.

Your email Marketing System Matters

The system you choose for your email marketing matters. There is a cornucopia of options out there, and not all are going to suit your business. Here at iProperty we highly recommend using our iDashboard system, which can easily and automatically bring in your property and contact details, or a standalone email system, such as MailChimp or StampReady.

Fresh and Innovative Design

Looks matter. This is no truer than in a property newsletter; a fresh and inviting appearance will translate to email marketing campaign success. Make the emails clean, modern, and simple in design, and optimise them across both desktop and an array of the most used mobile devices. Include an appealing header image, short snippets of meaningful text, visual imagery, and a clear call to action. 

Five Crucial Tips for Real Estate Email Marketing Success:

  1. Use your subject line to hook the audience, engaging them by creating a desire to learn more
  2. Personalise your emails – ensure the sender is an individual as opposed to an umbrella company name
  3. Personalise the email with the subscriber’s name in the first line
  4. Be creative and innovative
  5. Make connection simple with links in the email to your website, social profiles, and your contact details


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