6 Instagram Tips To Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

instagram-tipsThis feeling is surely familiar to you. You’ve invested your time in taking hundreds of photos of a property, editing the brightness and tweaking the perfect filter. You’re certain that it’s social media gold but after an hour, the response you’ve received is less than impressive. You can’t help but wonder: what happened?

Although the picture might have been perfect, the approach you took to Instagram marketing might not have been. If you’re interested in boosting your Instagram marketing success, take a look at the 6 quick tips we’ve created below.

1. Keep track of relevant hashtags to easily add them into posts

Hashtags are like a filing system for social media. By clicking on hashtags used within posts, users can easily access a page filled with similar content. This can work absolute wonders for your real estate business.

If you’ve just opened a real estate agency called Right Price Sydney, the likelihood is that people won’t be searching for #rightpricesydney. For that reason, you need to include other, more popular, hashtags in your posts.

Instagram search allows you to see how many posts have been made to a particular hashtag. Take a look at ones within your niche and make a notes of ones that could work for you. For more helpful hashtag tips, check out our helpful article Instagram Hashtags – What Every Real Estate Agent Needs To Know.

2. Don’t clutter your captions with hashtags

Adding hashtags into a post is a vital step for any real estate agency that’s looking for social media success. However, that doesn’t mean that they have to be cluttering up your captions box.

There are two main methods you can use here:

Method 1

Add any relevant hashtags as comments once your post has been published

Method 2

If you don’t have enough of a following to bury them in the comments section, add line breaks after your caption and before the hashtags to remove them from view.

3. Boost your reach by sharing posts on other networks

Although Instagram is one of the most-used social networks, if you’re not sharing your posts on other channels, you’re going to be missing out on potential engagement.

Publishing your posts to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks will give you that added boost. On Facebook alone, posts made using Instagram boost engagement by 23%.

This might sound difficult to action, but it’s surprisingly simple. Prior to making a post, all you have to do it select the social networks you’d like to share it with.

4. Only post when your audience is online

If your audience isn’t online when you post, they’re probably not going to see it. For this reason, it’ll benefit you to work out when your audience is online. Although there’s no secret answer to post timing, you can figure this out yourself with a bit of testing.

The general industry rule of thumb is the following:

  • Hubspot thinks: post Monday to Thursday any time except 3pm-4pm
  • Later (previously Latergramme) thinks: Wednesday at 5pm
  • Weekdays between 6am and 12pm

5. Struggling to create new content? Republish.

Back in Instagram’s younger years, Regramming meant taking a screenshot of someone else’s post, cropping it, reposting it, copying the original caption, then tagging the account that posted it first.

Fortunately, it’s now much easier than that. By sharing content from your followers and accounts you’re following, you can easily boost your online visibility whilst engaging with your audience.

If you haven’t regrammed before, however, there’s still some etiquette involved. We suggest you scratch up on this prior to getting stuck in.

6. Use Boomerang to create top video content

You can level-up your Insta-game with video content and engage your audience in ways that still images will never be able to do.

Video posting used to be an arduous task, but since Instagram has added Boomerang into the mix, it couldn’t be easier. Since adding the software, Instagram has broadened its maximum video length to 60 seconds, giving you a whole load of free time to get your agency’s message across.

Boomerang allows its users to capture videos up to 20 frames in length and then produce them in an engaging play-reverse format. If you’re looking to promote property listings through Instagram, Boomerang could be a great way to show off their best features.

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