Boost Your Property Marketing With BoxBrownie

How to make a sale for just $3. Incredible but true.

In fact it is even better as you can try the service absolutely free.

Sounds crazy we know but it is literally true. You see, it all comes down to grabbing the buyers interest at the first point of contact. If you miss this opportunity, you may have lost the sale for good. These days, that usually means reaching out from the computer screen and forcing the buyer to look at your property for sale.

With so many properties competing for those precious eyeballs, you need to stand out. That is where our recent discovery comes into play. We have found a local company that can turn an ordinary image into a studio style ‘hero’ image for just $3. As incredible as it sounds, it is true.

They have a 15 point process that lightens shadows, straightens horizons and many more subtle touches to create stunning images from relatively ordinary photos. is a fully owned Australian company and is already being used by over 3,000 real estate agents world wide.

They have a range of services, which include:
Image Enhancement – $3


Professional quality photos are statistically proven to sell listings 50% faster, as well as being proven to drastically increase the sale price of a property. Home buyers spend 60% of their time viewing photos, while only 20% on the property description.

Turning Daytime Shots Into Evocative Dusk Shots – $5


One of their most popular edits is the day to dusk enhancement. Taking a good dusk shot is difficult unless you are a professional. So, they can take a daytime shot and convert it for just $5.

Adding Virtual Furniture – $40


Get rid of that empty, cold and abandoned feeling, fill your listing with stylish furniture which allows buyers to visualise themselves in the home. They can add furniture to any room in the house, as well as adding adding furniture to the outdoor areas.

Creating Floor Plans – From $30


Did you know 1 in 5 buyers would ignore a property listing completely if it didn’t include a floor plan? Buyers want to see the property layout, to visualise the flow of the rooms, how they fit in relation to others rooms and picture their furniture inside the home. They also offer coloured floor plans as well as 3D floor plans.

Removing Unwanted Items – From $20


Just getting ready to upload your latest listing and realised that you have found something that shouldn’t be in the shot! If something in the photo is ruining your shot, simply have it digitally removed. Maybe you want to remove the art work on each wall or declutter a bedroom. Removing extra items can help make a space seem more attractive and welcoming.

3D Renders From Sketch Plans For Property Developments – From Only $350


Bring a picture to life with a 3D render. Show a buyer just what a home or development will look like right from the plans, including the façade, possible landscaping and attractive lighting options. Buyers will really be able to see the potential of a home or development.

Check out their website for their full range of products and services. They offer endless reworks of images to guarantee client satisfaction.

From just $3 per image, you may be closer to your next sale than you think. offer a $10 free trial to new users so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Log on to to start your free trial today.

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