Steps To Creating A Real Estate Facebook Ad

creating-a-facebook-adWhen using social media as a channel for marketing your real estate agency, understanding how to use Facebook ads is absolutely crucial.

Facebook ads are simple to set up, cost-effective and fast-acting. In this article, we’re going to take you through what Facebook ads are and how you can get yours up and running.

What are Facebook ads?

Facebook advertising permits businesses of all shapes and sizes to advertise to their target audience. Varying in price depending on the reach your ad achieves, you can select for your Facebook ads to appear either in the news feed or the right column of Facebook.

Advertising on Facebook will give you an invaluable insight into your target audience. The data that you collect will even allow you to improve your ads in the future.

6 simple steps to advertising on Facebook

Follow these 6 steps and you’ll be up and running on Facebook in no time.

1. Create a Facebook business page


Selecting which category your business falls under is a key part of setting up a Facebook page. Different types of Facebook page will influence how you can engage with your audience and how they can engage with you in return. To create a page, you’ll need to:

1) Head over to

2) Select the correct page category

3) Hit ‘get started’ and follow the instructions

You should remember to include a profile and cover photo, as well as fully-completed page info.

2. Set goals for your Facebook ads

When setting up a Facebook ad, it’s essential that you’re realistic. Set achievable goals that you think you can reach within a given timeframe. For example, if you’re hosting a huge open house event, aim for 30 registrations within a week. By setting goals and a timeframe within which they should be reached, you’ll end up generating a much better return on investment.

3. Select your campaign objective


Facebook ads come with a range of different available objectives. These can be selected from the Facebook Ads manager and determine what you want to get from your advertisement.

If you’re looking to drive traffic from Facebook to a blog, then the best option will be ‘send people to your website’. If you’re looking to gain attendance to an open house or book in property viewings, the best option will be ‘raise attendance at your event’.

4. Work out your target audience and expenditure


The next step is figuring out who your target audience are. By setting an age range, location, interests, gender and spoken languages, you can really narrow down the type of person that sees your ad.

You can even create custom audiences which will get your ad in front of people who are already familiar with your business, or remove them entirely so that you only target a completely new audience.

After this, it’s time to select your budget. The ad budget you set should be the highest amount you want to spend. Not all of this budget is necessarily going to be used up, but it sets an expenditure cap which will be useful for keeping tabs on your marketing budget.

5. Decide how your ad should look


Designing the ad creative you’re going to use is probably the most fun part about Facebook advertising. Select the image, headline, body text and ad placement that you want and bear in mind that the headline is limited to 25 characters. Working your message into that is trickier than you think.

Although short, the copy you write here has to be interesting enough for people to want to click it. After this, you should select where you want the ad to appear. The options you’ll be presented with include desktop News Feed, mobile News Feed, right column, or audience network.

6. Finalise the ad and place your order

After you’ve made any final changes to your ad, it’s time to place your order by clicking the button in the bottom right-hand corner. Depending on your account preferences, Facebook will either send you an email or notification (or both) once your ad has been reviewed and approved.

With Facebook ads, you can really corner your niche in the real estate market. Set yours up now and watch as your buyer and seller leads start to come in.