4 Ways To Convince Clients To Choose You Over The Competition

choose-an-agentIf you can master these four simple customer service tips, clients will fall into your hands when they feel that seven-year urge to sell up.

Real estate agents list hundreds of properties in the seven-year cycle. They are in conversation with thousands of potential buyers and sellers, yet the average home buyer is only involved with an agent once.

Director of Melbourne-based agency, Andrew James, reckons that if you smash these four customer service rules, then you’ll be the agent clients flock to when they want to sell. Here are those four steps in all their splendour.

1. Keep the conversation going!

In any business building relationships based on trust is a must. You need to communicate effectively and frequently with clients in order to build such a relationship.

“Touch base with your database regularly and thoughtfully, and respond to emails and phone messages promptly” says James.

Speech is unique to humans so why not use it to the advantage of your company?

2. Be in the know…

Sure it might take time to do some research, but after all knowledge is power. You wouldn’t don a blindfold and run into a cave not knowing what was in there right? So hit the computer and read the papers, because in real estate you need to instil confidence in buyers and sellers by showing off knowledge of not only the local market, but the winder property economy too.

James tells us that “Home owners ought to know they can approach you with any questions, such as ‘What does the federal election mean for my property’s value?’ or ‘What season is best to list my home?’, and that you’ll be able to give them a considered, well-researched answer.”

3. Become a clone (metaphorically)

You should hire a team of people who will treat your clients the same way you would. It’ll make you think about your own practice and how that might affect client-agent relations, but that way you can rest-assured those clients are being treated right!

“If you’re away sick or take a holiday,” begins James, “you need to be sure that your clients won’t feel left out of the loop and that there’s someone who can answer their calls and keep across all the details of their listing.”

4. Go the extra mile

It all comes back to that client-agent relationship. You don’t want client to feel like they’re just another number to you. Go on, give them that courtesy call back to check if they’re happy with your service.

James advises that you “Make every effort to exceed their expectations and leave no stone unturned to find the right leads.”

“For example, our team ensure they’re available outside of business hours on weeknights and on Sundays to assist buyers who are short of time during the work week”.

“This shows your client that you’re committed and willing to guide them through the process in order to get them the best results,”.

So there we have it, four failsafe customer service tips and tricks to make your clients feel valued. Follow these and new business will be flocking to you before you know it.