The 4 Biggest SEO Mistakes Made By Social Media Marketers

seo-mistakesSearch engine optimisation, or SEO, is easily one of the least understood areas of marketing. With Google keeping their cards very close to their chest, the rules behind SEO aren’t always 100% clear cut.

To help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes with your real estate SEO efforts, we’re going to talk you through them.

1. Confusing the link between social and SEO

Google has stated that it doesn’t factor social signals into its rankings, but there is a definite correlation between content that performs well on social media and content that ranks highly in Google. The common denominator between the two is the content being of a high quality.

Any content that receives a high number of shares, likes and comments is likely to garner similar levels of engagement through search engines, too. From this, Google’s algorithm observes authority signals and ranks the sites accordingly.

It’s advised, however, that you shouldn’t create social media campaigns based on the sole intent of improving your search rankings. Instead, a solid marketing plan that covers both social and SEO is your best way forward.

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2. Not having a strategic plan behind your content sharing

The link between SEO and social content is crucial for a successful marketing plan, so social media marketers should be careful about the type of content they share.

As opposed to just working on new content all the time, instead it’s worth analysing how past articles have performed. If there are some that have done especially well and generated a lot of site traffic, it could be worth repurposing them for future posts.

Keep track of the posts that perform best each month, then work them into your content calendar. Intersperse the older, top-performing posts with your newer content and you’ll be able to smooth over the engagement you see to more predictable levels.

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3. Being short-sighted

Although SEO is an excellent method for driving additional traffic to your site, it’s not going to happen overnight. With marketing, quick results are often anticipated, but with SEO you should play for more of a long game.

Impatience with lack of results is going to come as a huge setback to you, so you should adjust your expectations. There are several reasons that SEO will take time to produce results, one of them being the sheer volume of content on the internet. As soon as you accept the amount of time it takes to see results from SEO, the sooner you’ll be able to focus on driving it forwards.

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4. Falling behind on SEO news

Not all marketers have been able to keep up with the changes Google has made to its algorithm over the past 10 years. They’ve either given up on the process, or clung on to outdated tactics that are no longer effective.

One example of an ineffective tactic is keyword stuffing – although this may have worked in SEO’s earlier years, it can now get you slapped with a hefty algorithmic suspension that’ll really damage your marketing efforts.

For this reason, it’s best to remain as up-to-date as possible on any SEO news and algorithm changes.

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