Your Guide To Attention-Grabbing CTAs On Social Media

Call to actionWhen was the last time you signed up for a monthly subscription? What was it that made you do it? If it was down to the products features or, more importantly, benefits, you probably made your purchasing decision because of a CTA. In this article, we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about CTAs, as well as how to deploy them in a social media environment.

What is a CTA?

CTA stands for Call to Action and essentially, it motivates your target audience to do something. Whether that be signing up to a mailing list or purchasing your product, CTAs serve a vital function in the marketing world.

CTAs are most commonly found at the end of blog posts, where the reader is left finding themselves thinking what they should do next. They often appear as hyperlinks, but CTAs can also appear within images, videos and buttons. In simple terms, CTAs answer the question ‘now what?’.

5 top tips for writing CTAs to die for

Okay, not literally to die for – you want to have some customers left afterwards. Although CTAs have been around as long as direct marketing itself, social media hasn’t. This brings a whole new avenue of unexplored territory for marketers to distribute their best-performing copy.

1. Make your CTAs platform-specific

When it comes to social media platforms, each of them work a little bit differently.

The key to nailing your CTA on social media is tweaking it to reflect the network you’re trying to engage. Facebook pages have CTA buttons that are both clickable and trackable and Instagram have matched it by adding CTA buttons to the ends of their sponsored posts.

2. Skip the jargon

When you’re writing a killer CTA, you need to make sure that jargon doesn’t feature at all. When you’re looking to land business via social media, clarity is your best friend. You should also be wary of utilising humour in your CTA, as it might cloud your clarity.

3. Make the most of emotion

Seriously, human emotion is a powerful tool in social media marketing. FOMO – fear of missing out – can be especially influential. By tapping into this, you’ll be able to conjure up images of exclusivity and immediacy, which more often than not are enough to get people to take action.

4. Never ending testing

With social media, your CTAs are measurable. If you’re getting a bucketload of impressions with your posts, it’s probably time to start A/B testing. With this, you’ll be able to protect your interests with your best-performing CTAs, whilst testing out others to see if there’s one out there that can work better for you.

The key to social media marketing is realising that there’s always something better that you can be doing. Don’t get complacent – keep testing alternatives in search of that one legendary CTA.

5. Keep it personal

Honestly, your message to your followers should be one that levels to them. This is easily attainable with one simple step – incorporating second-person pronouns such as ‘you’ and ‘your’.

By adding a human element to the interaction you’re having with your followers, they’ll be that much more likely to see you as a person, as opposed to a real estate brand.

Try out a CTA in your next social post. If in doubt, remember, a good social post answers the following questions: “what next?”; “why should I?”.