How To Make The Most Of 2017’s Digital Trends

2017 Digital TrendsThe world of digital marketing is constantly shifting and changing, which can make it hard to keep up. Take a look at the 3 biggest trends that’ll be making prominent appearances in real estate throughout 2017.


Since big data has started to emerge, there’s been a lot of talk about how actual consumer data can be used to maximise the ROI of marketing campaigns. Data that pertains to the online habits of consumers is particularly valuable to businesses and corporations across the world are spending millions on it.

But, why is this the case? Remarketing. By capturing the data of your customers, their online habits and purchase history, brands are able to predict future decisions and shape their marketing around it.

It’s incredibly likely that you’ve experienced remarketing without even being aware of it. Ever looked at a shirt or pair of shoes online, then flicked to Facebook later that day and seen them there in an ad? That’s not just luck.

Remarketing campaigns take a bit of work, but most real estate agents will be able to do it themselves. Facebook will generate a segment of code, called a pixel. Add it to your website, set the ‘website visitors’ option as your audience within Ads Manager and you’re good to go.

Privatised social media

With data privacy making the headlines a couple of times throughout 2016, it’s safe to say that people are growing increasingly concerned about just how private their information is online.

With the industry adapting to cater for this new need, real estate agents can meet their consumers in the middle by doing the same thing. Consider setting up a private Facebook group which your audience can join to get the latest industry news. You could even do it for your most prestigious landlord clients, as a means of keeping in touch with them.

If you can present the group as an offering of exclusive and valuable content, customers will be more likely to join. Although your following will likely be less than you’d anticipate, the quality of the leads will be high.

Influencer marketing

Although the marketing world coined 2016 the year of the influencer, 2017 is set to use it with a special twist.

With the year of the influencer, however, came the year of the micro-influencer. Although these people typically have smaller followings, they’re also typically more loyal than those of larger influencers, who’ve got into the profession to make quick cash.

Many real estate brands are passing on opportunities with influencers to work with a small group of micro-influencers. By doing this, agencies are both saving money and boosting their conversion rates. It’s win-win.

You can take advantage of micro-influencers by spotting influential people within your local area and cultivating relationships with them. Additionally, a local business within your target neighbourhood might be willing to promote your services if you do the same for them in return.