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About First2move

Real estate is most people’s single biggest asset. We all want the best possible price for our house / apartment. understands that marketing your property is not a least cost exercise – near enough just isn’t good enough.
There is an old adage in real estate ‘when your buying, tell no one, when your selling tell everyone!’ is Australia’s fastest growing real estate search portal in terms of recruitment of staff. The look and feel of is different to our competitor’s; creating interest is an important part of making your property stand out from the crowd.
Ask the leading real estate Agents in your area, how you can promote your property on, not only in English here in Australia but every sales listing is also translated and appears in mainland China in Mandarin.
Many of the owners of are real estate Agents; they were so impressed that they brought into the company.
Be first to move and take the advantage.

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To send your properties through to from iDashboard, simply setup an account with them and they will contact us to activate your property feed.