New Outgoing Feed: Gavl

New Feed Sticker for iDashboard ProductsiDashboard welcomes Gavl to our family of portal sites that we upload properties to.

About Gavl

Watch Auctions in Realtime

Gavl Live Auctions is a purpose made live streaming app and website for the real estate industry. It allows Real Estate agents to broadcast auctions in absolute real time to potential buyers. Buyers are able to browse listings, shortlist properties, watch auctions without having to physically be there and receive live results of auctions seconds after their completion.

Reach a bigger audience for your auction

Quite simply, more eyeballs on an auction means more potential buyers. Have a buyer who can’t make your auction? An overseas buyer? They can now watch your auction. If they can watch then they can be involved.

Watch your own Auction!

No longer do you need to be hidden away inside completely in the dark as to how your auction is going. Now you can see it unfold for yourself.

Passed in Safeguard

A vendor’s worst nightmare come auction day is your property passing in. What if you had an additional audience to those physically there that your agent could communicate instantly to? With Gavl, your online audience becomes a secondary target for your Agent to communicate your property to.

Watch from anywhere in the world!

Never miss an auction again – with Gavl you can watch from the comfort from your own home, sitting by the pool or while at your footy. Take your Saturday’s back! Not only that, if you are using Buyers Advocates or family members to bid on your behalf, you can now see exactly what is going on as opposed to just being on the other end of a phone line.

Research the market

Before you make any purchase, it is important to understand the market. By allowing you to watch auctions without being there you can get a real sense of demand in the area you are buying in. How many bids were there? How many bidders? Were there vendor bids?

Get auction results live

No more having to wait until the paper comes out on Sunday, or having to call agents to find out the result of an auction – with Gavl, you can get results to delivered to your phone within seconds of the Auction finishing. An auction is passed in? Be the first to know and the quickest to start negotiating with the Real Estate agent

This information has been sourced from Gavl

To send your properties through to Gavl from iDashboard, simply setup an account with them and they will contact us to activate your property feed.