VIC Legislation: Statement of Information

We have made changes to iDashboard to allow you to upload a SOI on each listing, which will then upload to your website,,, and other portals. Please note that while, and have confirmed support for SOI, it is up to all other portals to ensure they process and display the SOI download link that we send them.

To ensure all of our Victorian clients can be compliant, we have made the necessary changes on all of the websites we host to ensure the SOI download link appears on each property.

To upload a SOI in iDashboard:

  1. Load your property
  2. Go to Edit > SOI
  3. Upload your SOI file in PDF format

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 2.19.25 am

If you use a third party CRM, but have your website hosted with us, we will be processing the SOI via our feeds and will display the link to the SOI on your website (as long as your CRM sends us the link!).

More information on the legislation changes, Statement of Information and templates can be found on the please visit Consumer Affairs Victoria website.


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cavUpcoming changes to legislation in Victoria means that as of the 1st May 2017 you will be required to provide a Statement of Information (SOI) on your online advertisements for every listing.

We are currently in the process of making changes to iDashboard to integrate new SOI functionality that has been put in place by and

Your website, & most other portals:

You will be required to upload a PDF version of the SOI which will be done within the Edit tab of your property. This will then appear as a download link on your website, and most other real estate portals.

Domain has taken a different approach to the SOI and will not be accepting a PDF. You will be required to enter all of the SOI information into individual fields and the data will then be sent to Domain. Please note that these fields will only be visible and applicable if your office loads to

[UPDATE] Domain will, for a short period, be accepting a PDF file. Domain has indicated that this is temporary as agencies adjust to the legislation changes.

Using another CRM:

If you use another CRM but have your website hosted with iDashboard, we will be accepting and processing the PDF link inline with how do it.

More information, the availability of the new SOI function and instructions on how to upload SOI will be made available closer to the 1st of May. For more information on the new legislation, including SOI templates, please visit Consumer Affairs Victoria.