17 Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Brands

Think outside the boxAre you struggling to get your real estate brand noticed? Need to seal more deals? If not then you need to start asking whether you’re using enough real estate marketing tactics.

There’s a plethora of methods for finding buyers, sellers and investors to get involved with your business. We’ll look at 17 of these marketing strategies, to help you boost the number of clients coming through your doors.

1.    Article marketing

A bit like this really – you’ll want to be writing and publishing your own articles. They don’t have to be cutting edge, but if they’re informative and engaging then you’ll stand in good stead with potential clients.

Don’t be afraid to put your expert knowledge out there, especially when it comes to showing off what you know about the local market.

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2.    Landing pages

Landing or squeeze pages are a great way of funnelling potential leads into an order, which can in turn make them prospective clients. If you’re not too tech-savvy there are online services which provide the means for turning leads into hot prospects.

3.    Facebook ads

With social media ever growing into the beast that it is, Facebook ads can be a great way to generate leads. You only pay for what you get here, making it much more affordable than Adwords.

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4.    Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It has more users than Snapchat and is currently displacing Pinterest. Being able to post pictures of your listings is a great way of drumming up some customer interest.

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5.    #hashtags

Use a mix of popular, real estate-themed and your own hashtags. Make sure to do this across all social media platforms, as it may give you a little more exposure to potential clients. It will also help to build the brand – #realestate.

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6.    Influencer marketing

People with major social media influence can make or break a brand, which in this day and age is a killer tactic to use.

7.    Product giveaways

Giveaways and competitions might seem a little odd in real estate, but let’s face it you’re not going to be giving away a house right? Still, giving away home appliances or running competitions can generate leads, get you noticed and build some good will locally.

8.    Mailing lists

Thankfully the days of postal mailing lists are gone – no more paper cuts. Yay. Sending out a company newsletter and keeping customer up to date via email is a super effective way of making people aware of your brand. It will also improve relations and build a rapport with potential clients.

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9.    Referral partners

Don’t simply rely on your contacts. You can help other people to serve their clients better, especially if people are referred to you. Help them to do that.

10. Online reviews

No, I don’t mean you need to go online and review the bread maker you just bought. Although I love reading facetious reviews of bizarre products and points of interest in town.

When people leave reviews of your company online, you should display them proudly. They are no longer a tool for people to debate working with you or not, they are a tool for generating leads. Don’t neglect ‘em.

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11. Personal blog

At the very heart of the online real estate community, is personal blogging. It is the soul of marketing in real estate. Your blog feeds your social media and emails. It’ll also boost your rank in the online search engines.

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12. Google tools

Google has a wide range of tools on offer for growing your real estate brand. Google+, business listings and Google local guide are all great options for marketing your company more effectively.

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13. YouTube

Video is a hugely important marketing tool in real estate. YouTube is undoubtedly the largest repository of videos on the planet, and the biggest platform for you to share your online assets.

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14. Real estate websites

Yes, believe it or not it’s a good idea to have a company website. Even if you are a tiny team of people working out of a back room somewhere, you should have a website.

The site itself needn’t be flashy – just make sure that it looks professional and clean.

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15. LinkedIn

Since Microsoft bought it out, LinkedIn is coming back to the forefront of professional social networking. It can be a great way for you to extend your brand’s online presence, but is also an effective tool for finding potential employees/partners.

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16. Knock, knock – who’s there?

Your real estate company, that’s who. It might be an old-school method, but going out there in person and drumming up interest by putting boots on the ground is a must. It’s a fast and free method of marketing your company too.

When the locals see that you’re a team of real swell guys and gals, they’ll be more likely to spread word of mouth about how great you are. This method also gives you a chance to explore the local area and find out what is important to the people who live there.

17. Press releases

Don’t get upset if your competition winds up in the news – you can be that company too you know? Create and publish your own press releases. This will land you some great local exposure.

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