7 Video Marketing Developments To Expect This Year

Video on mobileVideo marketing and how it’s used is in a constant state of change, as developers constantly come up with new ideas to help people gain an edge over their competition. In the real estate industry, this is no different. After a strong 2016 and even stronger start to this year, there’s one thing for sure – the popularity of video marketing isn’t going to slow down any time soon

7 key video marketing developments to keep an eye out for

These 7 video marketing methods are set to surge in popularity in the coming months.

1) Videos you can interact with

With more and more content available on the Internet every day, it’s critical to catch the attention of those watching. It’s common for people to stop watching videos half way, but with this new option, you’ll be able to make choices and influence what happens next by clicking or using your voice, significantly boosting audience engagement.

2) 360-degree videos

These kinds of videos will allow for viewers to choose and change the direction of viewing, thus allowing for more control. They are made with several cameras filming from different angles or by using an omnidirectional camera and offer real estate agents the ability to run full tours of their star properties.

Since it’s such a new content type, bonafide statistics are still set to rise for 360 videos. They are, however, expected to sit above standard videos, images and blog posts.

3) A view from the sky

Making a video of this kind in the past was pretty difficult – not to mention costly – as helicopters had to be used.

With new drone technology, however, we expect to see a lot more of these videos coming to us in 2017.

4) Going live

Facebook is leading the way with this trend and slowly but surely, other social networks are starting to follow. Live video gives real estate agencies the ability to broadcast exclusive video and interact with their audiences, putting faces to the names of their business and boosting brand identity.

It also gives you the ability to show-off the behind the scenes aspects of your business – a content medium proven to drive significant levels of audience engagement.

5) Stabilization equipment

By using stabilization equipment for handheld cameras, you’re able to easily record dynamic scenes in a smooth manner. Many brands are working towards making this way of filming videos accessible to content creators, meaning we can expect to see a rise in this form of high-quality video content.

6) A more cinematic aspect ratio

Up until recently, we were only able to watch videos in a standard 16:9 or 4:3 TV aspect ratios. As a result of the surge in popularity of video marketing, however, demand has risen for a broader, more cinematic aspect ratio.

The use of smartphones and live streaming certainly has an impact on the way videos are filmed, paving a path for video producers to step outside the margins when filming promotional videos for a brand or a company.

7) Virtual reality (VR)

The desire to create something like this has been fueled by the never-ending innovations and improvements in smartphone technology.

This has made possible for you to be submerged in VR by doing something as simple as attaching a cardboard adaptor onto your phone. Another thing we just may see in 2017 is Augmented Reality, which allows you to have a totally different, immersive Terminator-style perspective.

These approaches will allow for improved visual and audio input, making it highly appealing for those working in video marketing.