Why You Should Incorporate Drip Emails in Your Marketing

Drip EmailsAs a real estate agent, it is important to stay connected with your intended audience, and there is no better way to do this than through email.

The great thing about a drip email campaign is that they are simple to set up yet can yield great results if used efficiently. The key is building a relationship with your audience as well as providing them with content beneficial to them.

Communication is key

Many people believe that marketing emails are often ignored and should not be a focus in a marketing campaign. The reason for this is many marketing emails are simply not sent to the right people.

DMA data shows that nearly 50% of people wish to receive marketing emails on a weekly basis, but the key is making sure your emails are targeting relevant people.

If you want to be successful, you need to target consumers who are likely going to be interested in purchasing property from the start.


Your first email likely won’t win over many customers, and that’s fine. Statistics show it often takes 13 touches before someone becomes a customer. The key is, therefore, to consistently keep your audience updated and aware of your presence.

When searching for a property, your prospects probably have many agents in mind, so it’s your job to stand out and be at the forefront of their mind when decision time comes around.

Friendly reminders that you are on hand to help will prove beneficial in the long run, and your audiences will be happy with your level of attentiveness.

Make sure your emails stand out though; you most likely aren’t the only agency sending out real estate emails. Personalising your emails is one great way to build a relationship with potential customers.

Great emails need great content

But for your drip email campaign to really be effective, the content of your emails also needs to be considered.

The advantage of emails is they allow you to easily offer a variety of information to your audience, as well as allowing you to target specific people with relevant information.

For example, for people only just getting to know your business, you could send out emails with an overview of your agency, as well as a brand explainer video.

It is also important to know if your audience is interested in buying or selling, as you can then send relevant emails to specific people.

For those interested in selling, emails containing home valuation guides can be great, but if you’re sending these emails to potential buyers too, you’re not providing them with content relevant to them.

As always, audience is key, and providing great and suitable content for different segments of your overall audience will help make your drip email campaign a success.

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