Innovative Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing Campaign

Marketing CampaignEvery real estate company needs a marketing campaign, but if everyone needs one, how are you going to separate yours from the rest? While the fundamentals are important, incorporating some uncommon yet innovative ways into your marketing campaign can help you stand out in the crowd.

Have a unique look

You want to stand out, and having a unique look for your brand can help you achieve this. Having original artwork is one way to do this, and you don’t even need to be artistically skilled.

Sites such as Canva can easily help you put together some original artwork to help your website shine. Do the same with your adverts too; unique eye-catching graphics are great at grabbing people’s attention.

For something really unique, why not have something about yourself that makes yourself easily identifiable? This could be a unique type of suit or perhaps a specially designed tie. If you have something that makes you stand out, people are likely to remember you and your brand.

Old leads equals referrals

Securing a sale may be your end goal, but it’s important to check in with old leads as it can help maintain that relationship and allow opportunities for referrals.

Checking in after one month and one year are often good times, and there are many other ways to do this outside of a simple phone call.

Consider sending a card or even a small thoughtful gift as a small thank you but more importantly, as a way to encourage referrals.

To encourage referrals even more, set up a referral scheme with freebies or offers as incentives.

Social Media Innovation

Social media can provide many innovative ways to really make your brand shine, but is also a great platform for discussion. Many groups already exist, and are simple to join and a great way to promote discussion and build your network.

If a relevant group doesn’t exist, you can make your own, or opt for discussion via Twitter. If you decide on the Twitter route, make sure to follow relevant real estate hashtags to offer your thoughts or to even pose questions yourself.

Twitter also offers Twitter chat, which is a great way to actively engage with your audience. Make sure you advertise it effectively beforehand though via email and social media so you actually have an audience to engage with!

Unique ways to advertise

For some innovative ways to boost your advertising campaign, consider advertising in local high-audience newsletters as an easy way to reach a local audience.

Sometimes a print or online advertisement for your property won’t be enough, so hosting a well organised open house should prove beneficial. Go the extra mile and make it special though. Custom banners and balloons can help make things more exciting as well as an easy way to further advertise your brand. Think of every person that walks through that door as a possible appraisal, make sure you ask the right questions and provide valuable information and advice. Follow up with an email and/or SMS – making sure to give that buyer (and potential appraisal) a call the following business day.

How you conduct yourself presenting a home for sale, is the level of service they will think you would offer if you were to sell their own home, so make sure it’s ‘A Grade’. Not only will it assist in selling the home you are marketing, but over time you will reap the rewards with further appraisals, as the market becomes aware of your outstanding service.