Generate Fresh Property Management Leads With These Cunning 6 Tips

Lead GenerationAs a property manager, simplifying the lives of your property owners should be one of your primary concerns. Above all else, they want to be safe in the knowledge that their properties are in capable hands.

With more than 35,000 real estate businesses in Australia alone, however, standing out isn’t always easy. When there’s so much competition in the market, how can you get noticed and continue to win fresh business?

6 Clever ways to attract new property owners

These 6 tips and tricks could be the key to unlocking your property management business’ true potential.

1) Get that website looking fantastic

If you’re driving business online, the aim of the game is to get enquiries. Often, that means increasing the traffic to your website, as well as increasing the rate that this traffic converts into leads.

With a website that’s worse for wear, convincing potential clients that you’re the right service for them will be an uphill struggle. Your website is the front door to your business and as with a property, first impressions really do count. If your home page looks scruffy and outdated, it’s unlikely that your visitors will stick around for long.

Invest some hard capital in a brand spanking new website that both looks and feels the part and those property management leads will start to roll on through the door.

Contact our helpful team to find out how we can assist you with a great new website.

2) Craft content that property owners want to read

One of the best ways of capturing the interest of an audience is by solving any problems they might be experiencing. So, ask yourself “what issues do my audience have, and how can I help them to overcome them?”.

Sure, you’re not going to help them solve the oil crisis, but for property-related queries, you can shape content that provides them with the answers they need. This won’t only help with SEO, it’ll also build the trust that your audience has in your brand.

If you’ve answered a question for them, they’ll deem you as more knowledgeable. If they’re in the market for your services, they’ll be that much more likely to get in touch.

3) Cultivate your presence online

Recently released research showed that close to 40% of all questions are now answered online. Not only is that crazy, it’s also an unmissable opportunity for you to help your audience out. Often, they’ll start their quest for new information on search engines, so cultivating your online presence is essential to attracting new property owners.

Consider listing your business on online directories such as Google Business Listings and maintain an active presence on social media channels. The bigger that presence, the bigger the audience that’ll hear about you. The more people that hear about you, the more leads you’ll get. It’s a numbers game and it pays to be on the right team.

4) Grow your network – on and offline

This is another great method for attracting new property owners. Make the most of alternative mediums such as property management forums, groups and online associations. Not only will you keep up-to-scratch on industry news, you’ll also be able to get stuck into conversations that’ll show off your market knowledge.

Offline networking shouldn’t be neglected, either. It’s a crucial part of maintaining and growing your agency’s reputation and getting involved with your local community will help to cast a positive light.

5) Set up an owner portal

To really set yourself apart and leave the competition in the dust, consider creating an owner portal where property owners can log in and see how their properties are getting on.

By providing them with a space to check their bills, statements and other documentation, you’ll facilitate transparency and promote peace of mind with your existing client base. Providing a great service also often leads to word of mouth business, so it’s well worth your time.

6) Allocate a budget for paid marketing

Although organic marketing methods such as SEO and content marketing are the winners in the long-term, paid marketing definitely has a place in your strategy.

Create a monthly budget for your paid marketing efforts and distribute it among channels such as Facebook advertisements and Google AdWords. If you find that offline channels work better for you, put a larger share of the budget towards brochure distribution and local event sponsorship.

Test, test, test is the key to online marketing success

If you don’t try, you won’t know. It’s a statement that applies to marketing just as well as it does to everyday life, and for good reason, too. Invest your time in a variety of the above methods and measure which ones generate the best results. From there you’ll have a solid on how to spend your budget to generate maximum online business.