4 Types Of Video For Your Marketing Tool Kit

Video MarketingIn the online world, there are huge handfuls of different types of video that could benefit your real estate marketing campaign. With so much variety, how do you know which type to choose?

Whilst here may be many different options, some types of video will be more valuable to estate agents than others.

Here are the top 4 types of video that you might want to add to your marketing tool kit:

1)    The Elevator Pitch

This is the most basic type of marketing pitch video. It gives a quick and concise summary of everything that is key to the property you’re selling. Elevator pitches are named so, because they are traditionally one-to-one pitches completed in a high-pressure sales environment (i.e. imagine giving a pitch while in the elevator).

Applying this to the online world, an elevator pitch is generally used on a home page to give a summary, but could be used on the advertised property’s main page.

Elevator pitches are kind of like an advert from the TV – it needs to be unique in order to attract the attention you want, yet also highly polished. To achieve this, you’ll want to have an idea about the property clearly in your mind, and a solid script to go with it. Ideally you should think about hiring a professional actor or spokesperson to really hit those lines.

Make sure you are able to relate the elevator pitch to your customer however, you don’t want to upset any savvy modern consumers along the way. You should always aim to create an honest atmosphere about the property – aiming to show the customer how it could benefit them to own such a place.

2)   The Breakdown Video

No a breakdown video doesn’t contain funky hip-hop dancing The breakdown video targets specific products and services. Essentially it’s an explanation to your audience about what more they can expect – a familiarization with the property you’re selling perhaps?

Breakdown videos enable your client to self-help to a degree, making sure that they have a comprehensive idea of what a property can offer before they move forward with your agency.

This type of video can be a valuable asset to a real estate agent, as it gives you the opportunity to really show off the intimate details of a property. This type of video can be live action or animated – setting them apart from the competition.

Breakdown videos are also an excellent way to develop a brand identity for your agency too – incorporating stylised visuals and showing off your personality.

3)   The Whiteboard Pitch

Whiteboard videos are animated pitches which are designed to draw attention to critical concepts of a property. It’s unlikely that you’ll use these frequently when advertising a piece of real estate, but they are simple, short and to the point.

The idea is that they contain simple drawings, as if they were being produced on a whiteboard. This allows you to quickly communicate the main points of information regarding your property or real estate concept. With this in mind, you could use whiteboard pitches in informational videos regarding local market trends or to highlight features/services in the area.

4)   The Testimonial

Testimonials are the easiest way to build a reputation. It is simple, cheap to produce and doesn’t require a lot of skill in filming or animation. They provide the opportunity for customers to tell the tale of satisfaction when it comes to working with you and your agency.

These should be found littered across your website, or at the end of other video productions – giving potential future consumers the confidence that you’re the right agency to take on the sale of their property. It might also be the they are looking to use you as a buying agent, so keep this in mind when producing the testimonial.

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