Why WordPress Is the Best Thing to Happen to Real Estate

Wordpress web designAustralian real estate is always on the move, with local agencies battling against each other to win clients and sell the most properties.

When it comes to websites, however, finding a platform that can keep up is easier said than done. And when your online audience’s attention span is about as big as a budget Sydney apartment, a slow site will lose you leads.

Traditional website providers can give you a quick site, sure, but they definitely don’t come cheap. For this reason, and many others, more and more real estate agents just like you are switching their websites to WordPress.

What Is WordPress?

Put simply, WordPress is a seriously awesome Content Management System (CMS). These are computer programs which create and support the distribution of digital media. CMS’s are installed onto a web server – allowing the user the ability to easily create and upload engaging content in a relatively short period of time.

The real beauty of WordPress lies in the fact that content management applications (CMA) allow the end user to manipulate a website with relatively little expertise – ideal for real estate agents who don’t have the time to invest in heavy code work.

So, what are the benefits of using WordPress over traditional website hosts for your real estate agency?

6 Key Reasons Why You Should be Using WordPress – Right Now

Here’s everything you need to know about the biggest and best features WordPress has to boast for real estate agents. 

1) It’s search engine-friendly

A big worry for real estate agents who delve into the online world is search engine optimisation (SEO for short). SEO is all about getting to the top of the search results on websites such as Google and Bing.

Google’s new search engine algorithm puts fresh content at the top of search results. As WordPress enables users to quickly add new content, your website will shoot to the top of search engine results – something you’d have to do manually for a traditional website.

2) It’s responsive to different platforms

WordPress is one truly responsive CMS and that’s a huge win for you. Being responsive means that WordPress performs well across all platforms – i.e. if you load the site on your phone or on a computer, it’ll be adapted to fit that device.

Being a responsive CMS is a huge advantage for real estate agents, as many referrals come from online sources such as social media sites, mobile apps and more importantly – your own agency website.

3) WordPress moves at your pace

In a constantly moving market like real estate, it can be hard to find a web provider that can keep up.

With WordPress, however, keeping up is far from an issue. A continually growing suite of plugins and themes means you can stay on top of market movements, listing updates and, most importantly, your audience’s onsite habits.

4) It works around your schedule

With traditional website, not only do you write the content, but you have to spend time formatting and uploading. This is a real drag for busy estate agents, as it takes time from your no-doubt already tight schedule.

WordPress eliminates this issue, by allowing you to schedule content way in advance. This means you can sit and write a whole heap of posts before scheduling them to go live on a day and time of your choosing.

Scheduling also allows you to reach the most people, based on analytic data for when most people are online and scrolling through your website. It’s a real powerhouse of customer engagement guaranteed to keep those leads rolling in.

5) You’ll pick it up quickly

Learning the absolute basics of coding – we’re talking how to add text, paragraphs and colour – can take students weeks of tough practice. As a busy real estate agency, this time could be better spent elsewhere.

With WordPress, online tutorials quickly get you up to speed. Its intuitive user-friendly design means you can skip the studying and dive right in. You’ll be creating blogs, crafting pages and uploading images in minutes.

6) Security isn’t an issue

It’s sad but true – owning a traditional website with lots of plugins makes you vulnerable to cyber-attack. This is often an argument against WordPress, as it relies on plugins for many of its advanced features.

WordPress, however, employ a specialist team of 25 cyber security experts, turning your website into an almost impenetrable vault of digital goodness. Traditional websites just don’t get that level of protection for free – which could cost your agency a hefty sum each year.


WordPress’ success in the past 8 years is monumental in terms of real estate. It can save you money on expensive website costs and hiring a web designer, as well as giving you the ability to create and edit content with no technical knowledge.

You’re also able to launch your website seamlessly across different platforms, as WordPress has flexibility and consistency across different devices – especially on mobile platforms.

Not only does WordPress offer easy content creation, but it’s simple user interface provides a fast learning curve for its users. This means that just about anyone can get stuck into making a WordPress site with relative ease, and over a short period of time – and as they say, “time is money”.

To find out more about how WordPress will help your real estate agency, get in touch with your expert team at iDashboard today.


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