10 Tips For Real Estate Bliss

Happy AgentsBeing successful in real estate isn’t all about profits and numbers – it’s about being genuinely happy in the job. Happiness is a differently shaped lock for everyone, so the key is going to be different too.

Being happy in your job as a real estate agent, has a wide variety of benefits – including the motivation to work harder and to strive for a more successful workplace.

Here are the top 10 tips for finding real estate bliss:

1)   Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

Although easier said than done, getting the right amount of sleep can be essential for maintaining physical, emotional and mental strength. Sleep keeps you alert, responsive and will determine how much stress you can handle in a day.

2)   Take Time For Self-Reflection

Taking the time to reflect on decisions you’ve made is hugely important as a professional. Whether it’s free-writing, making a to-do list, meditation or yoga, reflection is essential to self-growth as a professional. It’s also a great way for you to relieve stress.

3)    Take Regular Breaks

Taking breaks during the working day is important – no matter which style of worker you are. Taking regular breaks is essential for giving your mind a moment to rest up and get ready for the next bout of work. It can lead to increased clarity of thought and will help to boost workplace happiness.

4)    Smile – It’s Infectious

It might seem a little weird, but forcing a smile can actually make you feel happier – releasing endorphins and making you a little more upbeat. Smiles are infectious and if you can pass the good vibes on to a colleague then you’ll have a happier workplace overall.

5)   Plan Ahead Financially

Having financial plans will help to make you happier, because you are less likely to run into money troubles this way. Money troubles will put a dampener on your mood and can cause long periods of stress.

6)    Develop Relationships With Clients

We often take happiness from the feeling that we’ve done something great to help others out. If you practice this mantra with your clients, you’ll build great relationships that you enjoy exercising. This will make your job much more fulfilling on a daily basis.

7)    Improve Yourself

Getting stuck into work is great, but perhaps you should consider setting some personal goals. Getting into running or perhaps spending time with family and friends more often will help to give your life a sense of balance – being all consumed by work will put a cap on your level of happiness.

8)   Use Technology To Increase Organisation

Take time to consider whether the latest app or techno-thingy is actually going to benefit your company in terms of organisation and productivity. If it does then go for it, but if not you may find yourself in a digital battle to get a refund on an app or subscription – causing unnecessary stress.

9)    Learn To Say “No”

According to Warren Buffett, the difference between being successful, and very successful is the ability to say “no”. People who are very successful will say “no” to almost everything. Real estate agents are busy people, so sometimes saying no will prevent you from being spread too thinly.

10)   Join The Community

Joining the real estate community will put things into perspective a little for you. Seeing how other people handle life’s challenges, and the support systems in place will give you a boost. Joining the community can also lead to new relationships that can strengthen and improve your daily life in the industry.