7 Relationship Building Techniques Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Using

It’s no secret – the performance of your real estate business completely relies on the strength of your relationships. If you lose clients because of an average or completely unethical service, you’re going to struggle to get back on track.

So, what’s the secret to real estate success? Cultivating and nurturing long-term relationships with clients, instead of opting for one-off ways to earn some commission.

Check out the following tips for creating long-term relationships with your clients:

1) Up Your Communication and Service Game

Regular communication and high-quality service are two traits that are far too often lacking in real estate agents. Regardless of how busy you are, make both one of your top priorities. As a real estate agent, clients rely on you to keep them informed on any developments in their sales. Even if it’s just a quick email on the way to another viewing, feedback and regular progress reports will make you stand out from the rest.

2) Develop Your Resources to Earn Trust as an Advisor

If you can present added value to your clients, they’ll definitely be more loyal to you. This increase in trust will no doubt lead to boosted referrals to family and friends.

Any newsletters and blog posts you publish should be jam-packed full of useful, actionable information that adds value to your clients’ lives.

Think about it – they’re not looking to you for stuff they already know. They want expert advice on the real estate industry. Why not give it to them?

3) Always Be Honest

Honesty goes an incredibly long way. Even if it’s not good news, keeping your clients posted on developments will keep the relationship going far longer than if you try to cover stuff up.

Clients might not understand the industry perfectly, but that doesn’t mean they’re not smart. If they’re being manipulated, they’re going to know about it. Even white lies can damage your reputation, so keep your record squeaky clean with honesty and use it to build lasting relationships.

4) Do What You Say – Always

If you say you’re going to do something, stay true to your service guarantee and do it. It could be as simple as dropping them a one-line email after you’ve spoken with the buyer, but if you don’t do it, you’ll build a reputation of unreliability.

Once you’ve lost your client’s trust, it’s incredibly difficult to get back. Offering a loyal, dependable service won’t just help you keep your business – it’ll also boost the chance of clients referring your services to others.

5) Remember Clients are People

Clients are more than just a vehicle for your commission. You should take the time to understand their individual concerns and interests. Doing so will solidify the bond between you and it may even lead to repeat business.

6) Reward Loyalty

If a client has stuck with you for several years, that doesn’t mean they’ll be there forever. Keep their business by rewarding them with special offers, discounts and long-term client programs.

Remember – you’re not spending time prospecting to get their business, so they’re saving you money in the long-run.

7) Look at the Bigger Picture

If you can work hard to keep your clients satisfied, they’ll have no reason to look elsewhere for real estate services. Treat them well, take time to understand their objections, and provide them with the expert advice they’re looking for. You’ll have a bag of loyal long-term clients in no time.