– The Rebranding Of

Over at, a kind of rebranding has occurred. The exciting news that they’re eager to spread, is that they’ve rebranded to “” – dropping off the “realestate” prefix. This is part of extensive research into what the online property community wanted.

Part of their research also suggested that consumers want more information about neighbourhoods, more accurate property pricing figures, and greater control over how you can browse and access insights into property making decisions.

The bottom line is that the consumers asked, so they listened.

According to the new, the changes are much deeper than just a logo, slogan and visual revamp. They claim to have aligned the entire business around the customer. This means that the 1.7 million people who use their services online, will be aware of and feel the changes.

Many of the customers who will notice the effects of the change immediately, will be those who use the app, auctions alerts and property price estimate tool kit.

Use – For Property Insights is the property sight that is full of insights which will help you to buy, sell and rent more effectively. The revamped property price estimate tool (Property 360), is at the core of these changes.

If you want an accurate price estimate of your home, your future home or your dream home, you can do it all with Property 360. The tool also allows its users to customise their estimate, so you can find out what adding elements to your home might do to the price.

Now’s the time to find out how much extra a new bathroom might add to your property value. Property 360 even allows the user to edit comparable properties to generate property price estimates.

Look At The Bigger Picture

The changes at are largely credited to the company’s CEO – Enzo Raimondo. Raimondo was the driving force behind the changes, stating that the aim was to connect with, and empower people in the property-hunting market. The ability to give them data and analytic tools at their fingertips, is a huge step forwards.

This new position allows them to differentiate from competitors – providing customer with data and transparency in the property market. The changes aren’t simply a new name and logo, but they encapsulate a bigger picture for their audience – including property hunters, agents, advertisers and shareholders.

As one of Australia’s biggest online property portals, the new approach will allow consumers to choose their “hood before you choose the home” – which will enable users to look at the bigger picture with ease.