Getting to the Bottom of Buyer Behaviours

It’s one of the founding aspects of successful real estate sales, but understanding buyer behaviour is still an area that many agents struggle to master. Whether they fail to pick up on cues that could affect the direction of a sale, or miss signals that buyers simply aren’t interested, buyer behaviours could solve many of the problems they face in their day-to-day, which is why it should become one of your main areas of development if you feel you’re falling short.

Your marketing efforts should also reflect the behaviours of your individual customers, otherwise you might fall short of the mark when trying to target them with content.

Each demographic needs to be approached in its own way

This might seem obvious, but so many agents fail to target their approach to the right audience. To nail this, you need to research the ways in which individuals within each of your target markets like to be approached, as well as the sort of language they engage with.

If you can tailor your approach and make it unique to them, your chances of winning their interest and driving buyer/seller leads will vastly increase.

Find the right balance between emotional and practical requirements

Gaining the interest and attention of your audience doesn’t come immediately – it requires a two-pronged approach. You both need to appeal to the emotional needs of your customer, as well as their practical requirements.

When you meet your buyers for the first time, you should pay attention and attempt to assess both, to see whether they’re emotionally or practically motivated. You should also try to work out if it’s a mix between the two in the instance of dealing with a couple.

The property purchase process deals with both emotion and practicality, so you should be prepared to deal with both anyway. After meeting them, make a list of your clients’ emotional needs, alongside any practical requirements they have from a property. This will help you to target them with only the most relevant listings in the future, as well as avoid any potential conflicts before they arise.

You shouldn’t ignore the internet

94% of us now start our property search online. As a result, ignoring the power the internet holds over the property purchase process could cost you dearly. Regardless of this, so many Australian agencies do no more than simply list a property online. When there’s a wealth of other areas to build a digital presence, and sell properties at a faster rate at the same time, not sharing your listings to social media accounts is a huge mistake.