How to Give Your LinkedIn Profile a Spring Clean

If you’re looking for the most efficient and efficient marketing strategies available today, you should definitely be turning your sights towards social media.

With a myriad of platforms providing a plethora of nooks, crannies and avenues to pursue your digital lead generation with, however, it’s tricky to know what you should be doing, as well as how you should be doing it.

LinkedIn is one such network where this problem arises. It’s the leading platform for professionals around the world, used to stay updated on industry news and in the loop with job opportunities.

Regardless, it simply doesn’t have the same reach in Australia it does around the rest of the world. In fact, a recent survey found that 2017’s usage in the country sunk by 6% to 18%, down from 24% the previous year.

Still, the number of users LinkedIn gets on a monthly basis is in the millions. So, how can you best utilise it? Take these tips for a test drive and watch your business development boom.

Invest in a Decent Profile Photo

If you’ve ever been invited to connect with someone who has a profile photo that looks like it was taken in a club, you’ll know how off-putting it can be. As a result, a professional headshot can go a long way to convincing your audience you’re worth their time.

Your photo will be the first thing they see, and it needs to convey your brand message as best it can. Why? Because people on LinkedIn have very short attention spans and when they see your profile photo, they’re going to make a judgement call on your business reputation.

It’s not going to break the bank. Hire a professional photographer for an hour to get some decent headshots, get in some outfits related to your industry and make the most of the time!

Cut to the Chase

Your profile summary section — it’s the place where you get to detail all the benefits you offer your customers and clients and can share your passion about the industry. The golden rule for this space? Cut to the chase.

If you offer niche services that could give you a leg-up on your competitors, you need to explain them here. The best way to do this is to pretend you’re speaking one-on-one with your ideal connection, so you can include relevant points when you’re creating your summary.

Get Connected

By spending a few minutes each day on strategic engagement, you’ll be able to effectively boost your connections. Just remember – don’t be bland. Aim to impress your new connections by targeting people who are potentially in need of the niche skills you have.

Remember – don’t be pushy. The key to successfully LinkedIn selling is subtlety, selling the benefits the end consumer will see, as opposed to the features.

Add Images and Videos to Your Profile

Your audience won’t want to speak with you if you’re boring. And if you don’t have images and a couple of videos on your profile, that’s how you’re going to come across. Sharing videos and images of your brand (as well as the occasional personal post) will help you develop a picture of who you are and how you conduct business.

Endorse People and Give Recommendations

When was the last time you gave a testimonial for a service you’ve really enjoyed? Heads-up – it’s a great way to drum up new business.

By providing a testimonial, you’ll both make an individual go and help their business to grow. Not only is it a nice thing to do, it’ll also lead them thinking about you in a positive way. Additionally, when they make your recommendation public on their profile, you’ll hopefully be able to gain a bit of extra business.

On top of this, leaving testimonials for people increases your chances of getting testimonials back. If a potential client sees you’ve got a number of recommendations on your profile, it’ll make them that much likely to get in touch with you.