4 Ways To Build Relationships In A New Market

Real estate is an industry built upon the trust between agent and client. It’s unfortunate then, that agents gain a bad reputation sometimes – causing consumers to actively be on the lookout for genuine companies who will operate in their best interests – and rightly so.

If you’ve just set up your own agency, you might be thinking about how you can make your mark upon clients – building trust, despite a very limited background in the industry. It may be that you’re an experienced agent who’s just relocated to a new area – getting to know your new neighbourhood.

1) Always Keep A Promise

The golden rule is – make good on your promises, or don’t make any at all. Disgruntled customers of less than reputable agents will tell you that they have a bugbear for broken promises.

If you tell your client that you’ll do something for them as a matter of urgency, make sure that you do. By not doing so, you demonstrate to the client (intentionally or not) that their issue isn’t big enough for you to pay attention to.

Pay attention to the promises you make, even unspoken ones – as the attention to detail will be noticed by the clients. This will help to solidify your relationship with them in the long-term.

2) Be Competitive – Not Cutthroat

In order to win customers, you need to think about how you can be competitive – not cutthroat. Even if everyone around you is slashing their prices, that doesn’t mean you need to as well.

You need to remember that a quality service has a set price for a reason. Think about it in terms of building work. If you hired a contractor who charged half as much as the going rate, you’re probably going to get a substandard piece of building work.

When you communicate your values to the client in an effective manner, the price you charge should not be an issue – they’re well aware that they’re paying for quality.

3) Be Visible In The Community

Having a visual presence in the community is essential – especially when everyone around you is cracking on and making connections. You’ll want potential clients to feel that you’re approachable – as this will provide a basis upon which you can get to know them.

Having a vested interest in the community and it’s matters, will come across as authentic to potential clients. This is key when it comes to making relationships in an unfamiliar market.

Visibility is the key to sustained success – as you will remain in the front of potential clients’ minds. Being out in the community will also show that you’re a transparent agent with nothing to hide – building credibility and trust in the process.

4) Build Up Some Testimonials

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool to utilise – even in this world of digital media. In fact, the fact that everything is online has never made word-of-mouth easier to spread. Glowing reviews from your previous customers will make you more attractive to potential future customers.

As a real estate agent, you can’t exclusively rely on word-of-mouth however. You’ll need references and reviews for potential clients to refer to, as many agents will find that they lose out to competition who’ve taken the time to collect testimonials.

Follow up with clients once you’ve provided the service, to ensure that they leave a review online, or can provide a testimonial letter in the post. This is just good practice and will give your reputation a huge boost.