4 Ways Of Using Facebook To Advertise

Within the last five years, there have been two new revolutions – the social and mobile revolutions. These two revolutions are interconnected, as we can now access the internet on out phones. Being constantly connected to social media has provided real estate agencies with a new means for marketing their listings & services.

Facebook has around 2 billion members, with 1.3 billion using it every day. This is huge potential for agents & agencies, one not to be missed.

Facebook also organises your advertising for your agency. It does this through its complex algorithms that predict what people will want to see, based on their likes, location, key events and shopping behaviours. Every interaction a potential buyer make builds up a portfolio of information that is used by Facebook to position the content of your agency.

With this powerful tool in mind, here are 4 tips that can help you to use Facebook for advertising your listings & services.

1)   Get On It Now!

Social media is no longer something that teenagers do in their spare time. It is now the job of thousands of people the world over, to monitor and develop social media platforms. You should make it someone’s role in your business to understand and get to grips with your audience on social media.

With the sheer number of people on Facebook alone, it’s definitely in the interest of your agency to get involved.

2)   Geo-Targeting and Feature Targeting

Get out there and learn about the advanced functions of geo-targeting and property feature targeting. A common example of this is use may be “find X people matching Y description within Z km of my office”. You can also look to see which property features are in demand.

A key asset of these features, is that as an agent you need to ask yourself “what would I do in the buyer’s position?”.

3)   Improving Your Content

Social media is all about building human relationships and community. Facebook advises that your content should be striking and attention-grabbing. In fact, your content needs to grab people’s attention within the first 3 seconds, otherwise it gets scrolled past.

A constant stream of properties for sale will only be appreciated by people who are actually looking to buy – but occasional viewers will need to be targeted by a broader scope of content. Think about how you can use pictures and video as well as articles to capture an audience.

4)   Different Content Styles

We talked about how you might change up the content to engage the audience, but it’s not enough to just stick up a post with a few photos. Facebook rewards businesses who are innovative in their approach to marketing their products.

One way that Facebook does this, is through an algorithm which means that videos and Facebook Live posts are prioritised over others. Make sure that you caption videos however, as not everyone will be able to put on headphones for 90 seconds of vide