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37 (2)At agentPages, we want you to have the best chance of being a successful online real estate agent. That is why we’ll be looking at, and breaking down the best marketing strategies for 2018.

Real estate is a crowded market, so it’s essential to build up a brand and to show potential clients that you’re unique and appealing. The strategies we will look at will help you to grow your brand, and to foster goodwill in your local real estate market.

Set up a personal blog


This is a great way to ensure that all of your marketing efforts are centralised. Using a personal website or blog acts as a hub for this kind of activity, allowing for quick and easy access for your clients.

If you’re producing flyers, social media posts, billboards, business cards or something totally different, your own personal website is the best place to send potential clients. This will give them a place to go where they can learn about you, your business and how you operate your company.

Having your own personal website is also a great way of setting yourself up as an expert; as you choose the content. Blogs will allow you to share picture, video and other relevant content for clients to check out – helping you to build a positive relationship with them.

Any website or blog with a call to action, will generate more interest as it provides a point of interaction for service users. It is a metaphorical hand reaching out of the screen and pulling the potential client in.

Don’t forget that your website should look professional; first impressions are everything in real estate, so don’t skimp on the design of your website.

Review the local area on your blog

It seems that many real estate agents think they can only talk about the market and their listings. They plaster it all over their Facebook pages, and especially when they post a new listing. The truth is this is pretty boring.

Your blog gives you a platform to share informative content with potential clients. Think about it like a cake – if the cake was bland on the outside, you wouldn’t find it appealing to try, am I right? But if the cake looked amazing then you’re more likely to bite into it.

So the big secret here is that you’ll want to post content that people want to read and engage with. A great way to do this is to ‘review’ your area. You can even include interviews with important local figures.

Such figures might include: the owners of local restaurants, school teachers, interior designers, shop owners etc. Such a simple tactic can make your blog stand out because you’ve gone the extra mile to generate some interesting content for people to read. Here’s how you go about getting it on lock-down.

The strategy

First off, you need to get the interview. Do this by going into the local store, office or wherever they operate out of. Tell them you want a quick interview for your website about the local area.

These days you can record the entire thing on your phone, which will be really useful for typing up later. You can even use the camera to make a little video blog. Ask them about why they got into business and why they love working in the local area. It’ll help people to see that there are passionate people living in the area.

These stories will create a narrative for your blog, and can motivate people to move to an area if they can see the area as a worthwhile community to invest in.

Post-production is important. You’ll need to transcribe the video and upload to YouTube. At which point you’ll be able to embed it into your blog or website. Adding a few pictures from around the business is also a good way to please the kind owners for their interview – they get some publicity too.

Finally, you’ll want to promote the content by posting it to social media. Make sure you use Facebook and Twitter, as well as professional networks such as LinkedIn; along with your own email database.


You can post reviews of things in the local area. Reviewing local businesses, schools, restaurants and other amenities, can be a great way of generating content for your website.

Think of writing pieces such as “where to eat on a Friday night”, or “things to do with the kids at the weekend”. This type of content will get you hits in the search engines too.

Make a database and share it

When you’re pushing out good content, you’ll undoubtedly get people who want to sign up for more. This is where you’ll want to make sure you have an email database in place – and don’t forget to keep it up to date.

Keeping potential clients up to date on future content is key, as it provides further call to action. A good way to build up an email database is to offer something free to people who sign up.


The key to any good marketing strategy, is to be consistent.

If you’re able to get in front of your target clients, this will prove to be an invaluable strategy.

Make sure the content you put out is engaging and informative at the same time. Ensure your blog contains relevant pictures, video and content about local points of interest. Finally, provide a call to action for potential future clients through mailing lists and sign-ups.

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