4 Tips For Maximising Video On Social Media

There was a time when utilising video in real estate, was only for the tech-savvy agents. Nowadays it’s completely normal to see video footage all over social media, because everyone and their dog owns a phone with a camera on it.

Eight in ten Australians are on social media platforms. 81% of those on social media, prefer to use it via a mobile device. Lastly, video accounts for more than 50% of all social media mobile traffic.

With this in mind, you’ll want to check out our top four tips for maximising video hits on social media – getting your agency the attention it deserves.

1)   Formatting

With social media and the rise of the smartphone levelling the playing field, online real estate has never looked so different. Video was originally made for desktop computer screens – taking a number of inspirations from TV production.

This is no longer the case however, as most people opt to view videos on their phones. It’s time to drop the widescreen 16:9 ratio and hit the original 1:1 square. This gives you around about 78% more screen space to hit someone’s news feed with.

2)   Selling Vs Narrative

Some agents might find it distressing, but using video is not all about sell, sell, sell. You want to get to grips with storytelling, so that you can draw clients into a property. You will want your clients to feel as though the house they’re viewing, could be their home.

Begin by telling the story of the home – including history, potential future, and what you love about it as an agent. Think about description of what it’s like to be there – so that potential buyers can share in your vision.

3)   Timing Your Content

Timing is super important. Different people tend to browse social media at different times of day, so it’s imperative that you know your audience – as well as the times they tend to be active online.

According to Sensis data, 18-29 year olds tend to access social media in the morning and last thing at night. 46% even admitted that they browse on the loo – but that perhaps doesn’t matter too much.

The point here is, that you should schedule posts to go out when they are most likely to get attention. Consider posting in the evening so that people are home from work and relaxing on the sofa (or toilet) with their phone in hand.

4)   Speed And Quality

We’re here to tell you that slow and steady, doesn’t always win the race – especially when you’ve got 200 properties that need videoing. Just bear in mind that whilst you don’t to take drone footage of every single property, there will be different video styles for each lot you own.

Some properties will have a much bigger marketing budget, and so you’ll be able to bring in the helicopter and shimmy down on a rope with a camera (hold the explosions though), but others will simply require you to use slideshows.

The bottom line here, is that they should all reflect quality, even though you need to get things done quickly. Appropriacy of media content is key.