5 Ways Agents Can Build A Social Media Profile

There’s no doubt that social media is a fantastic platform for reaching out to your audience. Given the quality of the people using social media every day – all 300 billion of them, the cost to promote across the platforms is fairly minimal.

It can be quite hard to maintain a decent social media on presence, whilst providing real value to customers and prospective clients. Despite this, many agents strive to keep their social media presence alive – because the audience is huge and therefore the potential business is fantastic.

Here are our top 5 tips for building a social media profile.

1)   Post Less Often

Sometimes it’s important that you can bite off what you can chew – and no more than that. By posting too much social media content, you’re risking the longevity of your social media profile’s presence.

Think about quality over quantity – if you’re pushing more posts out, you’ve potentially sacrificed quality for quantity. The solution to this is simply to post less. It will mean you don’t annoy your audience with continuous posts.

Two to three posts per week should suffice – and you’ll find that this drives engagement for much longer than if you’re posting daily. You’ll find that you also don’t run out of things to say, meaning your content will be more engaging.

2)   Don’t Automate

Social media was created by people, for people. With this in mind, you shouldn’t ever automate your social media profiles, as people can smell them from a mile away. Make sure that you keep your profiles authentic, and real – run by you or other agents in the company.

You can however, automate some posting. This is usually known as scheduling. Scheduling or automating posts is a good way to make sure that your content is reaching your target audience, in a timely manner.

Think about your target audience, as different people will use social media platforms at different times.

3)   Advertising Properties

The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn all have their own advertising platforms that you can take advantage of. You can use these platforms to separate properties to sell & lease, with the organic content that you’re posting.

Instead of posting properties on your social media outlets, you could simply advertise and promote them – reducing clutter in the news feed and promoting to ideal purchasers & tenants only. This will help to show the quality of your agency, not just bombarding people with endless property options.

Use LinkedIn Sponsored Content, Facebook Ads Manager and Twitter Ads to target potential leads for sale & rental.

4)   Targeting Ads

For those of you who are a bit more savvy with advertising platforms on social media, you might want to think about using appraisal methods for people who’ve visited your site through an ad.

This will allow you to target people who actively use your site as a result of advertising. Make sure that you follow up on these potential leads, as they’re actively seeking out your website to view content and possible rental/purchasing opportunities.

5)   Post Engaging Content

Last but not least, you should think about posting engaging content. This might seem obvious because let’s be honest, who would post boring content? Well believe it or not, many agents out there are full of boring rubbish.

The posts which garner the most views are multi-image posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as videos – which reach a considerably wider audience than pure text and image posts.

Remember that the bottom line is you want to communicate quality and deliver value to potential future clients – something that must be engaging, permeated with authenticity and aimed at the right audience.