25 Ways to Use Social Media to Get More Real Estate Clients

Social media is a great way to bring in more clients, if you use it correctly. Here are some tips to help you make the most of this great tool so that you can win more clients:

  1. Videos, videos, videos. People love multimedia when they are looking for a new home. Turn the content you have into videos and share them often to help attract new clients.
  2. Testimonials. Giving real-life examples of previous success is a great way to show to potential clients you can get the job done.
  3. Competition and giveaways. These catch people’s attention and help expand your reach. Choose something that is relevant and desirable to property owners or tenants.

Different social media sites have different rules for this type of stuff, so make sure you check out all the regulations and guidelines before you proceed.

  1. Reference pop culture. This helps make your brand more relatable. Make sure you are choosing things that resonate with your target market.
  2. Be relevant and helpful. This will help make sure people consider you a knowledgeable and useful agent. Consider posting content that answers specific questions your future clients may be asking.
  3. Infographics are great! These are easy to understand graphics that display important information in a visual way. They are very helpful, but they are also easily shared, helping to further your reach even more.
  4. Collaboration plays well. Bringing in people for interviews or working with local businesses is a great way to reach new audiences and expand your following.
  5. Fill in the blank. “Make sure you ___________ when you are setting out to buy a home.” Statements like these help encourage participation and boost engagement.
  6. Live video. To show clients what goes on behind the scenes, consider posting some live video feeds, helping to demonstrate your involvement and your personality.
  7. Give them a reason. By focusing on a specific concern property owners have, you are helping to increase your relevance.
  8. Use GIFs. These easily catch the eyes of people scrolling through social media, as long as it is relevant and appropriate to your brand.
  9. Ask questions. Nothing engages like an insightful question. It is also helpful in that it allows you to learn about your potential clients.
  10. Interesting statistics. There is lots of data out there, find something relevant to your audience and wow them with some useful and interesting numbers.
  11. Consider using 360-degree view photos or videos. These help provide a more accurate view of the property, and they also do a good job at catching the eye of potential clients.
  12. Celebrate accomplishments. Whether you win an award, lease a property above the asking price or get a gift from a client, posting it on social media showcases your skills and helps you build a reputation.
  13. Build an online community. Go beyond real estate and try posting about news and events going on in the neighborhood. This positions you as both a local expert and a concerned citizen, helping you build both your brand and reputation.
  14. Be funny! Everyone loves to laugh, and who knows? Maybe your post will go viral!
  15. Post a glossary of listing terms. There can be some confusing vocabulary out there, so post something to try and be helpful to potential clients.
  16. 19. Be timely! Take advantage of holidays such as Christmas. It’s a good chance to post some unique and interesting content.
  17. Create a local event. Build a community online, but then engage it offline. This is a great way to build connections with people.
  18. Be thankful. By showing your gratitude to local business, vendors or employees, you are showcasing your compassionate side.
  19. Geo-targeted Facebook posts and ads. These allow you to reach audiences based on their geographic location.
  20. Share other people’s content. The best online communities are engaged ones. Consider making your own hashtag to get people involved, or simply share other people’s posts on your feed.
  21. Make a Facebook lead ad. This gives you the chance to find leads right from Facebook. You can easily target your website’s visitors, or you can find audiences that are similar to your current ones based on key demographics.
  22. Post a unique listing. Show off something different to catch the attention of future clients. This gives them an idea as to how you would market their listing.