10 Fresh New Ideas for Real Estate Agents Ready for 2018

It’s a fact and we need to accept it – we’re now getting deep into 2018. And whether you’re still sticking to your New Year’s resolutions or have given up on them completely, we’ve got a couple ideas for routine changes that’ll help you boost your productivity and increase your ROI. Read on to find out more:

1) Work Smarter

“Work harder” is so 2017. Instead, you should focus on working smarter and placing a priority on jobs that’ll have impact over jobs that require urgency. Schedule your big jobs into your diary first, then fill in the blanks with less important tasks.

2) Automate Where You Can

The use of robots in real estate is rising, and you should use them wherever you can to help you save time and cut down on human error. Use them to condense your reading list, help you follow the 20-20-20 rule, and cut down on multitasking.

3) Up Your Social Media Game

Consistency is key with this one. If you can maintain a regular posting schedule on social media, you’ll be amazed by the benefits you’ll see.

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4) Make More Videos

If 2016 was the year of the photo, then a year of the video is long overdue. Set yourself apart from other real estate agents by tapping into creative video marketing ideas.

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5) Get in Contact with More Local Businesses

Reach out to businesses in your area and work to form partnerships that’ll benefit both of you. For example, you could host your real estate events at a local independent café, and they could return the favour by providing you with a discount for your loyalty.

6) Realise Real Estate Robots Won’t Steal Your Job

Okay, if you coast, there’s every chance they could. But if you’re focusing on upskilling every week, you’re going to lock your job down. If you can make yourself irreplaceable, you’ve got nothing to worry about – and upskilling is a great way to make this happen. A great thing to begin with is social media and blogging, your digital presence is going to become more and more important. Just because you might not see this as important, doesn’t mean your competitors won’t.

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7) Take Time Out

Remember to breathe. Real estate can get busy, and you need to take time for yourself and come up for air occasionally. Set yourself a rule where you don’t work past 7pm, and set aside time to speak with friends and family.

8) Get a New Headshot

New year, new you – update your social channels with a fresh headshot to keep things current.

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9) Protect Yourself Online

Ramp up the security you’ve got on your business by introducing two-factor authentication on your social platforms, regularly updated software and stronger passwords.

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10) Embrace Change

Last but not least, you need to keep up with the current. Times are changing, and it’s sink or swim. Learn to embrace change, however, and you’ll be fine. Adapt to new technologies, make the jump and switch to cloud computing, and use it to scale your business.