6 Content Marketing Mistakes That are Costing You Real Estate Leads

In the heated, highly competitive digital landscape that real estate is increasingly calling home, the importance of content marketing shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’re getting it right, it can be a solution to the majority of your marketing challenges, whilst maintaining an enviable ROI.

However, there are a number of pitfalls real estate agents fall into that harm your lead generation and can even damage your business. Are you making any of them? Read on to find out.

1) Completely Avoiding Blogging

Your real estate agency’s blog, if handled right, can be your best source of free and qualified traffic which, in turn, translates to more enquiries and more closings. The benefits of content marketing for real estate are enough for several full-length blog posts, but here are some of the key ones you can expect to experience:

  • You’ll strengthen your SEO rankings
  • You’ll boost your organic lead generation
  • You’ll supercharge your social media reach and following

Real Estate Blogging – Why You Should Do It

2) Avoiding Local SEO

One of the biggest and best ways to outrank the larger property portals is to switch your focus from national to local SEO. And this is the main place where your real estate content is sure to come in handy.

It’s your chance to shout at search engines and tell them to “look over here”, signalling that local real estate is what your business is about. The best way for you to handle this is by jotting down a list of keywords onto a notepad and creating content around them. If you’re tight on budget, Google Keyword Planner is an excellent way to locate relevant keywords.

How To Beat The Real Estate Competition With Local SEO Terms

3) Only Targeting Final Sales Stages Topics

It’s no doubt tempting for you to jump headlong into topics that deal with the last stage of the buyer journey, such as the closing process.

Remember, however, that your audience aren’t all sales-ready. Some of them are likely to be evaluating your area, some are browsing new property options, and others have just seen your website for the first time.

In order to contact all these people, you need contact details. And to get those contact details, you need to guide your target audience through each stage of the sales process with valuable, engaging information.

4) Making it Difficult to Opt In to Your Service

Attention spans online are short. So, if it’s difficult for your website visitors to get in touch or provide you with their contact details, they’re simply not going to do it.

The key advantage of real estate content marketing is that you’re getting permission to have a long-term relationship with your readers, as opposed to them digesting content and bouncing from your site. With an email address, you’ll be able to send newsletters, email communications about offers and hard sells to drive them through each stage of the funnel.

70% of your customers learn about your business through your content, as opposed to through your ads. Avoid making the 4 common mistakes above, research content marketing in more detail, and you’ll be ready to go.