5 Real Estate Marketing Secrets You Should Know About

Ever feel like you’ve known there’s a way to easily grow your real estate’s online marketing presence, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

Don’t worry – we get it.

We understand that you might think it’s the strategies themselves that are letting you down. That they aren’t pulling their weight. They’re simply not strong enough. However, more often than not, the strategies themselves aren’t to blame – it’s the implementation.

In this article, we’re going to take you through 5 of the biggest real estate marketing secrets, blowing them wide open so you can be bigger, badder and better and take your market segment by storm. Read on to find out more.

1) A Real Estate License Doesn’t Mean Real Estate Leads

Getting your real estate license is a huge step, but it isn’t the last one you’re going to have to take. Many budding agents think they’ll land their license and business will start to fly your way, but it’s just simply not the way things work.

Your business doesn’t have any historical communication channels set up, and it’s your job to get them up and running. These should be your next steps, so get to it.

2) “List My Property Now” Calls are Few and Far Between

Got a friend or relative who promised they’d call you the next time they needed to sell their house? Well, we hate to break it to you, but the deal isn’t sealed until their signature lands on the contract. On top of that, there are going to be a huge number of other experienced agents also competing for their business.

Ask yourself the questions –

WHY would someone call me over anyone else?

WHAT benefit or expertise do I provide that others are not?

WHO else would you call if you were Joe Bloggs looking to sell and why?

3) Direct Mail Marketing Tactics Take Time

Another massive misconception about real estate marketing is that leads roll in as soon as you launch a campaign. And this simply isn’t the truth. Whilst a really successful marketing campaign might render you some quick wins, old-school tactics like postcard and flyers will take time to gain traction.

One mailbox drop might not secure you a lead, but a slow consistent advertising campaign will enable you to cement yourself as an active player in this market. So when someone goes to buy, sell or lease, your name and brand is one they will associate with having an effective market presence. This is the same with your emails and digital newsletters, having a strategy and long term plan is the key to success.

As a result, you shouldn’t expect to see results overnight. It’s simply not going to happen, and chances are that if you go into a marketing initiative with this perspective, you won’t have the stamina to follow it through.

4) Paid Ads Don’t Mean Guaranteed Results

Studies have shown that people need to see an ad an average of 7 times before they’re inspired enough to take action. So, as with direct mail, digital advertising also requires you to stick to it.

Set a realistic time frame of the results you expect to see over the first few months, then compare it with what you actually see. This will help you to manage your expectations, as well as giving you a platform to secure consistent, continually improving results.

5) Small Wins Can Mean Big Business

It’s no secret that a lot of agents are in business to make money, but far too many of them make one common mistake –They shoot for the end goal in one shot. And this simply doesn’t work.

Whilst it might be hard to conceptualise each step you need to take to achieve your aim, small business wins add up. Before you know it, those 3 deals have brought in another 3 referrals. Over time, these add up to a serious bottom line of profit.

Give yourself a 24 month plan with goals, so you have something to measure yourself by and a long term plan of how you are not only going to get your foot in the door of your market place, but cement yourself as the go-to for anyone thinking real estate.