4 Top Tips to Improving Your Personal Brand

As a real estate professional, your personal brand is a catalyst to success. It’s your major selling point, and in today’s world, standing out from the crowd with effective self-promotion is what puts the distance between you and the next agent.

As a result, learning how you can build out your personal brand is absolutely paramount. Read on to find out the steps you can take to make it happen:

1) Define Who and What Your Brand is

It’s not a show or an act – your personal brand is who you are, to the very core. It’s these qualities and characteristics that you should make part of your personal brand. To find out what they are, ask yourself the following:

  • Where do your passions lie?
  • What makes you different?
  • What are your biggest strengths?

If after answering those questions you’re still unsure, speak with some close friends, co-workers and members of your family, as they’ll be able to give you a clear picture of who they think you are.

2) Work Out Your Priorities and Stick to Them

In order to find success, you firstly need to find out what your definition of success is. For example, are you aiming to get a certain volume of real estate clients, hit a personal financial target, or change your market?

When you see a new business opportunity arise, cross-check it against your priorities. If it doesn’t measure up, it’s more than likely going to be best to wait for the next opportunity that comes along. Building your brand is about defining goals and sticking to them when asked to compromise.

3) Design a Brand Message that Defines What You’re About

When you’re pitching your services to prospective clients – or even new agencies – you need to keep it short and sweet – and that doesn’t give you a lot of time to play with.

Within that short timeframe, you need to communicate who you are and what sets you apart from the thousands of other real estate agents. A good example would be “I’m passionate about helping my clients find their dream homes.”

4) Plan When to Share Your Message

If you’ve been paying attention to the methods big companies use for their advertising, you’ll have noticed that they don’t just post updates randomly. In fact, time is a huge determining factor for the success of their brand messages.

If you want a large number of your target audience to see your message, and your target audience are young professionals, posting during working hours likely won’t render the results you’re after. Instead, use data to find out when your audience are online, and create a post schedule around it.

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