Making the Most of Instagram for Business Marketing

With the world of business having become so competitive in all industries over the years, effective marketing has become more and more vital. These days, there are various ways in which you can market your business and this includes a number of cost effective solutions that can help to expand your reach when it comes to marketing.

Traditional forms of marketing such as print media and TV advertised can be expensive. At the same time, they can also limit the number of people and the locations that you can reach with your marketing message. With digital marketing methods such as social media, you can market your goods and services on a global level, which makes it easier for your business to compete internationally as well as nationally and locally.

The key benefits of using Instagram for exposure 

One of the many popular social media platforms that businesses such as real estate agencies use these days is Instagram. There are many benefits that you can look forward to when you use this platform as part of your marketing strategy. Some of the key benefits that you will be able to look forward to include:

  • Customer engagement: Customer engagement is crucial in all business marketing, including real estate marketing. Instagram is a great way to boost customer engagement and research has shown that this platform generates a massive 120 times more engagement per follower compared to well known sites such as Twitter. This makes it the ideal channel for connecting with customers, keeping them engaged, and building relationships.
  • Spreading the word: With sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can spread the word about your products and services through shares and re-tweets. However, with Instagram you may find that your audience is sharing photos with their own followers along with details of your business. For instance, if you post details and photos of a property for sale in the site, you could find that someone sees it and then shares the photo and details with all of their followers.
  • Reach out to new people: If you are looking to expand your audience, using Instagram is a great way to do this. People use this channel to find new photos, people, and businesses, and this can be done with ease through the use of hash tags with your posts. Like other social media sites, Instagram makes it easy to find new followers and audiences from countries around the world so you can really expand your reach.

Promoting your account 

Once you have opened an Instagram account, you should look at following some people – preferably people who would be classed as influential in your industry. You can then focus on the promotion of your account, and this can be done through cross promoting on other social media platforms as well as on your own website. If you use business cards and other printed marketing materials, make sure you also put the details of your Instagram and other social media business accounts on there.

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