Grow Your Real Estate Agency with These 10 Social Media Marketing Tips

Looking to increase your real estate agency’s social media presence and boost your online reach? Read on to discover 10 key tips you need to fuel your social media marketing strategy and drive new clients and buyer leads to your business.

1) Learn to Outsource

Giving someone else full control over your social media marketing can be tough to do, but it can also be one of the best decisions you make. You’ve got enough on your plate already with running your agency, and social media marketing requires continued, dedicated attention in order to see results.

This is exactly why so many agencies don’t see the results they need from their marketing activities – they simply don’t have the time to put in the work they need to.

Outsourcing your social media will give you time to focus on your tasks at hand, whilst still maintaining a strong, continuous online presence. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Hire an agency to take over your account management
  • Delegate your social media workload to an employee within your agency
  • Hire a new, experienced social media manager
  • Contract a remote worker or freelancer

2) Maintain a Schedule

Although you don’t need to be posting at exactly 12pm every single day, creating and sticking to a social media schedule will help to ensure you get your posts out. If you don’t have one, you’ve got nothing to hold you accountable for passing off posting in favour of another task.

It’s all about prioritising and planning your time. With a social media schedule, you’ll be able to block out time in advance to get it done.

3) Automate the Social Media Marketing Process

You shouldn’t have to spend hours of your time focused on social media marketing. In fact, the less time you have to spend on it, the better. And whilst finding content from other online sources to share with your followers is great, it’s not always easy to do.

Tools like Quuu can help with this. They crawl the internet and automatically share relevant content with your fans. This can also be fed into Buffer to combine it with set posting schedules.

4) Create and Curate Content

Let’s face it – your customers are only following you on social media because they like your business and enjoy hearing what you have to say. So, give them what they want to see. If you don’t, they’ll tune out and you’ll start to lose followers.

Even though your page is about real estate, your followers obviously have other interests. Play on this, and curate content from around the web on a variety of topics to maintain their interest levels.

Topics worth looking into include:

  • Industry articles
  • Educational, instructional and funny videos
  • Emotional content
  • Current local news
  • Memes and images relevant to real estate

5) Keep Your Audience Engaged

You need to interact with your fans. Posting content isn’t enough. A large part of your social media presence should be focused on customer engagement.

Each day (or even multiple times a day), check your feeds to see if you’ve got any outstanding comments or messages you need to reply to. Be careful with this, as your followers will expect to receive responses to their messages quickly.

6) Cross-Promote Between Your Different Channels

On top of maintaining each individual channel, you need to focus your social media marketing efforts where a relevant audience is most likely to be found. Whilst doing this, you should also focus your efforts on cross-promoting your different channels.

For example, on Facebook, you should invite your fans to follow you on Instagram for more visual content. If you’ve got a robust social profile, your business is going to look stronger in the eyes of potential new customers.

7) Keep an Eye on Your Insights

Once a week, either on a Monday or a Friday, check your social media insights. These will give you a large amount of data, letting you know whether you’re moving in the right direction or need to change things up. You’ll be able to see:

  • If any of your posts are trending
  • Which posts are getting the most engagement
  • Your audience demographics

From these, you’ll be able to see when your fans are most active, as well as which content types they’re most likely to be interested in. Take this information on board and use it to improve your content strategy.

8) Keep Your Content Varied

Your audience might like blog posts, but if you only post this type of content, you’re going to lose traction quickly. As a result, it’s important you mix up your content types on a regular basis.

Build this into your social media schedule and organise different types of content in advance. For example:

Monday – Blog post

Tuesday – Image

Wednesday – Customer testimonial

Thursday – Video

Friday – Local news/curated content

Create a plan unique to your business and review your insights at the end of the week to see what’s been the most successful.

9) Pay to Boost Your Posts

You can help your Facebook page gain extra traction online by paying to promote it. This boost will help your content get seen by your audience. This doesn’t have to be just to your current audience, either. Boosted content on Facebook is treated like an ad, so you can choose exactly who you’d like to see your ad.

It isn’t going to break the bank, either. A $20 budget can get your real estate agency in front of thousands of local people.

You don’t have to put money behind every single post. At the end of the week, take a look at the ones which have performed the best, as this is a strong indicator they’ll respond well to being promoted.

10) Focus on Your Calls to Action

A Call to Action (CTA) is the answer to your audience’s question, “What next?”. Since every post you’re making on Facebook will have a purpose, you need to use a CTA to push your audience towards your desired outcome.

For example, if you share a video, sign off with “For more content, subscribe to our YouTube channel.”.