5 Top Tactics for Landing More Social Media Leads

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing channels out there. Not only does it give you the opportunity to interact with your target audience on a personal, informal level, it also lets you target them based on their interests, age, location and much, much more.

However, getting it right can take months. Read on to discover 5 proven methods for quickly boosting your sales pipeline with fresh social media leads.

1) Add Social Proof to Your Strategy

One of the biggest weapons in your marketing arsenal is social proof. 10 years ago, buyers might have believed you if you said you were the best in your area. Now, they need to see and hear you’re the best before they’re ready to make a purchasing decision.

By adding in testimonials and case studies of clients you’ve helped in the past, you’ll be able to prove your worth and dispel any fears that you won’t be able to effectively sell their property.

2) Let Your Experience Show

You can let your audience know how knowledgeable you are without it sounding like you’re bragging. Do this by showing them your experience, instead of flat-out telling them.

Create engaging, high-value content to share on your social media channels. Make it educational and informative and teach your target audience something they don’t necessarily know. For example, you could run a report on your local market, or provide insights on how a new infrastructure project could influence property prices in the area.

3) Use Calls to Action

It’s one of the simplest, oldest sales tactics, but it works. Try simply asking your target audience for the sale. Finish your social media posts with Calls to Action such as “Book Your Free Property Valuation Now.”

4) Don’t Forget Your Warm Leads

Not everyone is ready to make a commitment first time around. In fact, for some people, it can take multiple interactions with your brand before they’re ready to move forward.

Retargeting is an excellent way to use this to your advantage. Set up Facebook ads for your interested audiences and offer them valuable content in exchange for their data. You can then use this data to market to them via email, gradually warming them to the idea of your services. Include an offer in this and you’ll see your conversion rates increase.

5) Consider Using an Ads Funnel

This isn’t something you should try if you’re inexperienced with Facebook ads, as you could spend a lot of your budget. However, it is an incredibly effective means of driving ads through social media.

Ads funnels are a set of ads designed to gradually introduce your audience to your services, instead of going for the hard sell straight away. A standard ad sequence could be:

1) Brand awareness– build out your audience’s awareness of your brand. A video ad could be a great option here.

2) Consideration – separate those who are interested in your services from your colder audience members and use a retargeting ad to get your brand in front of them once again. For example, you could do this by only displaying the ad to people who’ve watched your video for longer than 20 seconds.

3) Conversion – Use another ad, or an email if you’ve used a previous ad to capture data to get that conversion. This could be booking a call, visiting your offices or registering for a seminar.